The lovely Derren Brown posted this clip on Twitter yesterday.  Tis a viral for a new version of Carrie.  The production values are great and the reactions wonderful…..enjoy……



  1. I really hope they just left out of the edit a heap of people who enjoyed / laughed at it rather than actually seemed to think it was really happening. Because if not, that’s really rather sad.

    Good viral though!

    1. Not necessarily sad. Maybe the type of people who buy expensive coffee and ostentatiously play on their laptops in overrated ‘trendy’ coffee joints are the type of people who really believe in psychokinesis anyway.

      Just kidding. 😉

    2. I imagine a lot of people can be easily caught of guard if something is sold with conviction.
      A couple of classic examples are Orson Welles’ War of the World’s radio drama and Panorama’s Spaghetti Trees report.
      I would like to see the whole scene play out in one rather than the same element over and over before moving on to the next bit.
      Very enjoyable though.

  2. I really enjoyed it too although it did make me think. I’ve been doing some research into contemporary witchcraft in the city of London and I was surprised at the residual fear many people have lurking in their twenty-first century lives.

  3. The builder because is carrying a long piece of pipe into the coffee shop with him. He is also wearing brand new safety gear. I suspect the “unsuspecting customers” are also actors.

  4. ‘great production values’ then terrible editing, she pushes him six times and unless it’s meant to suggest she can cause time to judder the narrative is spoiled.

    1. I think it’s meant to show that they repeated the stunt several times over. The “customers” seated at tables were actors. The genuine reaction was from the customer(s) at the checkout. Since there were numerous such genuine customers shown (and not all together), they obviously repeated it a number of times. Rather than show each one in its entirety we (thankfully) got the short montage.

  5. Will use it in my high school physics class, but recut so that the reveal is shown AFTER the trick. Call me old-fashioned. The reactions seem genuine enough to me. And there’s no shortage of folks who believe telekinesis is real.

    Years ago when I was in a movie theater awaiting a screening of “Ray”, a preview for “White Noise” came on. It showed—with great drama—examples of EVP. I reflexively burst out laughing, but realized in that instant that I was the only one in the packed theater to do so. Other than me, it was “dead” silent. Awkward with a dose of face palm.

  6. The girl in the striped shirt graduated from our local high school. They said the company that made this was very secretive about the audition, which made her nervous but they had a good reputation. The people around her were actors but the rest of the people weren’t. They were ALL made to sign non-disclosure agreements. One of the requirements for the audition was to be able to scream for 15 seconds. She had gone to a ‘scream’ class in acting school which, she said, helped a lot. When it came out and she saw it had 6,000 views she was elated. Had no idea it would go over 20 million.

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