Richard Wiseman

Psychologist   Author   Speaker




  • "The only self-help book any self- respecting denizen of the 21st-century needs to read”
    A.L. Kennedy, on 59 Seconds
  • “Excellent, uplifting and long over-due”
    Derren Brown, on 59 Seconds
  • ‘A unique master class on the mind’
    Evening Standard, on The Theatre of Science, created by Richard Wiseman and Simon Singh
  • “At the climax, with the scuttling disembodied hand, the boy on my left leant forward, face glowing with wonder. He was clearly experiencing magic.”
    The Times review of ‘Coraline’, magic devised by Richard Wiseman and David Britland
  • “Wiseman skewers the paranormal charlatans, blows away the psychic fog and lets in the clear light of reason”
    Richard Dawkins, on Paranormality