Please do NOT post your answer, but do say if you think you have solved the puzzle and how long it took. Solution on Monday.

This puzzle comes via Chris R.

What date comes next in the sequence?
April 1st
February 3rd
March 4th
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    1. Is it anything to do with the digital format of these dates?

      April 1st = 01 04
      February 3rd = 02 03
      March 4th = 03 02

      So the next one is 04 01 = 4th January

    1. That’s unlikely. All “guess what I’m thinking” puzzles like this are bad for the very reason that “wrong” answers can often be perfectly justified even if they are not the “one solution” that was intended.

  1. I initially thought there was something odd about missing out the second day of the month, but upon closer examination of the whole dates, I discovered one possible logic – and as someone earlier said, there is only one date that can be the next in sequence, but conversely, if my logic’s correct, there are no fewer than eleven candidates for the date following that.

  2. About 30 seconds. But you guys/girls “over there” get to see the puzzles long before I do. Therefore, I’m thinking that I had the fastest response.

  3. Any date could be picked for the next one in the sequence, and a mathematical formula derived to justify it.

    However, I think I’ve found a relatively simple formula that seems to give a significant date for the next in the sequence. So I’ll say that I’ve found the answer in about 5 minutes, and I’ll find out on Monday if my sequence and answer is the one Richard was thinking of.

    1. “Any date could be picked for the next one in the sequence, and a mathematical formula derived to justify it.”
      Let’s see you do December 25th, say, on Monday.

  4. Got an answer that works. Took a couple of days. With this pattern there is only one solution for the next in the pattern. But the one after next would be impossible to work out using my logic. So I could be wrong.

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