Richard has written, staged, and creative consulted on several well known stage shows. This work often combines his background in psychology and magic, and has often explored innovative forms of immersive theatre.

Ghost Stories

Richard acted as the creative consultant for both the stage show, and film, of Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman’s hit supernatural drama, Ghost Stories. The main character (parapsychologist Professor Goodman) was inspired by Richard and one of the stories in the show was based on his childhood experience.


Richard worked with magician David Britland to help devise the magic and other special effects for Neil Gaiman’s opera Coraline.

“At the climax, with the scuttling disembodied hand, the boy on my left leant forward, face glowing with wonder. He was clearly experiencing magic.”
The Times

The Twilight Zone

Working with magician Will Houstoun, Richard helped to devise the magic for the stage version of the cult-television show, The Twilight Zone.

“What particularly makes this show shine are illusions…they never fail to amaze” Everything Theatre

The Seance

A large scape production that explores the mystery of the Victorian dark seance.  Staged at Magic Live (Las Vegas) and the world’s largest magic convention (Blackpool), this show involves infrared cameras, and much more.

Theatre of Science

Richard and Simon Singh created and performed ‘The Theatre of Science’ in London and New York. The climax involved the performers entering a coffin-shaped cage and absorbing a million volts from six foot long bolts of lightning.

‘A unique master class on the mind’
Evening Standard


An interactive experience like no other as the audience takes part in live psychology experiments designed to make them laugh, scream and gasp. There’s no performer. It’s just a group of people and the unknown.

Created by Richard and performed in Edinburgh, London, New York and Las Vegas.

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