Answer to the Friday Puzzle….


On Friday I set this puzzle….

Merry Thingy.  OK, here is the Friday Puzzle…..complete this series …..

March 4th 2011
April 1st 2011
July 3rd 2011
October 6th 2011
June 3rd 2011
December 1st 2011
February 6th 2011
September ? 2011

If you have not tried to solve it, have a go now.  For everyone else, the answer is after the break.

The answer is September the 9th – if you count the 4th letter in March you get C, carry on like that and you get CALENDAR…. did you solve it? Any other answers?


11 comments on “Answer to the Friday Puzzle….

  1. Not a native english speaker says:


  2. M says:

    Got it. But took quite some time…

  3. Lou says:

    Very obscure!!

  4. Richard says:

    So the answer is September 9th of *any year* ? I would have had a better chance if you hadn’t put 2011 after them all.

  5. JimC says:

    Specifying the year was enough of a red herring to throw me off completely. You win this round, Mr Wiseman…

  6. avernl says:

    Well that’s one I didn’t see coming. Clever! You indeed win this round.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bring back vector calculus and game theory.

  8. Falsedog says:

    Got it in 96 hours prompted by Richard’s clue below- for clue read answer!

  9. Jerry says:

    Didn’t get it. Very clever. This one is a keeper for my friends.

  10. John Loony says:

    I got it in 1 minute, so I am feeling smug compared with the people who didn’t get it. No awkward double-meanings or dubious interpretations this time.

  11. Mark says:

    Took me about a minute too.

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