Dan M kindly sent me this recently……

I have posted similar stuff before, but I thought it was nicely done.  Did you see it coming?


  1. I did see it coming, but only because the kickstand looked very plastic which tipped me that something was up. Well, that and the fact that it’s indoors.

  2. I did see it coming because you couldn’t see his feet under the motorcycle. But I thought it was standing on a table, not the floor.

  3. I saw it coming because you ASKED me if I saw it coming so I guessed what was going to happen. Stop doing spoilers like that and you might surprise more of us.

  4. Yes I saw it coming because you posting this video on your blog the other week and, for some reason, took it down and posted it again!

    Seriously, you did post this before didn’t you or am I losing my mind?

  5. I found the “still” before playing was very obvious – in fact I was surprised when it started playing to see that the character was a living person, because the motorcycle looked so fake, I naturally assumed the man was also a toy.

  6. I didnt read the comment before, but i thought about what can be happen in this video. I saw the very massive stand under the back wheel and i believed that something similar would happen like in this video:

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