David B kindly sent me this amazing video of a group climbing up a bridge….it is long but well worth it…..

How did it make you feel?  It makes me feel somewhat sick…….


  1. Having only watched the first five or so minutes, I feel that either the video is staged, or that parent is doing time in jail after having had his children taken away from him.

    1. I’m with Luis. I felt extremely uneasy, but it was nothing to do with vertigo, just the idea of kids climbing up there without any kind of safety harness or even proper footwear! Nice that he had on climbing gloves for grip, but the kids didn’t get any :-/

    1. I’d agree – I immediately thought of that video too – exposure on all sides (and for some reason not using a safety clip-on). In comparison, the bridge climbing one is quite moderate.

  2. Lol, the only bit that would make me nervous was following the others! If the first one slipped he’d take out the others with him.

  3. It’s not as bad as the tower climbing video you posted a while back. I actually think part of the problem is the slight fish-eye effect.

  4. Made my palms and feet sweaty watching that. I deffo do not like being at heights where there is a chance of falling. Oddly I love to fly. But high bridges rooftops or roller coasters- urgh!

  5. Well I’m scared of heights so I’d faint if it was me but watching the video, I think it’s the camera movements that gave me a headache.

  6. This would be AMAZING sans the fish eye and in 3D. I feel the fisheye lense did a lot to convince us of the depth of the thing, which was pretty clever. Many videos like this lose that depth. But imagine it in 3D. This is one of the few times I feel that technology would actually be useful.

  7. Climbing the first half in a bear crawl couldn’t have been very comfortable.

    Nice club house at the top. They should fix it up.

  8. Oh dear Lord! That was so difficult to watch. My stomach was lurching and I actually found myself holding my breath at times. When the videographer would turn around or almost bump into the person in front of him I would gasp. Wow, so scary.

  9. could it be that these people are like those who built the first skyscrapers, and have no fear of heights or a differing concept of it to ‘us’, and thus are not scared and more sure footed?

    or yes, are they just absolutely bats**t crazy.

  10. Its a good video.
    The fact the person filming is using what looks like a fish eye lens…does not help any audience member when veiwing as it distorts the perspective shown.
    Slightly sickening but very cool.


  11. OMG, I don’t think I’m ever going to recover from watching this – terrifying and nauseating! And then I sat and watched the tower climbing video. 🙂

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