Richard’s family friendly YouTube channel is called Quirkology.  It has attracted over 500 million views and contains jaw-dropping illusions, amazing science stunts and sure-fire bets that you will always win. This page contains some of Richard’s favourite videos,  information about the Quirkology Mind Games Set and book, and lots of free downloads.


Richard teamed up with Marvin’s Magic to create a Quirkology box of mind games that allow you to move objects with the power of your mind, transform anyone into a zombie, defy gravity and lots more.
Available at Amazon UK here , and in the UK, US, Europe and Canada here.


Richard’s collection of fun magic tricks, scintillating science stunts, fabulous factoids, mathematical mischief, and cunning conundrums, including how to balance a coin on the edge of a banknote, walk through a postcard and transform a tea towel into a chicken.
Available in the UK  here and in the US here


Quirkology Christmas Card

Download our Christmas Card here

Jennie The Vanishing Elephant and The Creepy Goat

jennieRichard teamed up with Water Closet Press to create a vanishing elephant! Download the PDF here, cut out the four pieces, and arrange them so that Jennie the elephant is in the middle.  Then read through each of the pieces, turning each of them through 180 degrees as you go. At the end Jennie will have vanished! Not only that, but if you drawn a rectangle around the original configuration, you will see that the pieces still fit into the rectangle even when Jennie has vanished! 

We also created a fun model that will seem to look at you as you move around the room. To make your creepy goat, download the PDF here and follow the instructions (which are on the download and in this video).  With thanks to ThinkFun.

Impossible triangle

Download the template here

Balancing butterfly, flexahexagon and impossible puzzle

Download the template here

Amazing grid bet

Download the template here.

Lines illusion

Download the template here.

The ‘with with’ illusion

Download the template here.

Floating dice

Download the template here.

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