Creepy Halloween Illusion – Free!


I have teamed up with the good folks at Water Closet Press and created a Quirkology goat-based Halloween illusion, and here it is….

Head over to the Quirkology site to download the free PDF  (click here).



11 comments on “Creepy Halloween Illusion – Free!

  1. Michele G says:

    The download isn’t on the site.

  2. Richard Klein says:

    I’m in the ‘downloads’ section, but there is no link other than to the video. 😦

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, i’m struggling to make this illusion with just folds and scissors….the website quirkygoat for assembly instructions doesn’t work apparently, can i have a tutorial or some help please a i think glue is needed and some precision on the folds please.

  4. Quertinmont says:

    Can someone hel me to create properly this great illusion

  5. Eddie says:

    Christmas Puzzle: in 2011, members of the Riemann family were aged 11, 13, 41 and 47. Which year will be the next to be quite so special for them?

    • Prime Suspect says:

      Next year. That’s when Grandma Riemann will finally succumb to her cancer and the family can get their hands on the rest of her money, which they have slowly been stealing over the last 3½ years anyway.

      Or will she be helped on her way by someone surreptitiously increasing her morphine drip and then changing it back again after she flat-lines?

    • Eddie says:

      Any comment, Barry?

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