Stunning contact juggling


@jbrownridge brought my attention to this yesterday  – and boy is it good! Enjoy.



9 comments on “Stunning contact juggling

  1. Probably better music (later performance):

    And a more recent one:

    Look for alternate artists that use a different technique (a little hole “between circles to put their finger):

  2. Didn’t pretend to bloat thread with tube previews sorry. I’m used to Google+ where a link remains a link -_-

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Miss Chili says:

    Yow! That looked really fascinating to do!

  5. Neil Mcintyre says:

    Excellent, how can I learn those ring tricks etc.
    Cheers Neil=

  6. Stevenz says:

    Everybody’s got a schtick.

  7. Es muy bonito todo… en verdad que lo hacen ver muy facil, que profesionales en el tema.

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