barry_and_stuartIn this episode I chat with dark magical duo Barry and Stuart, who are at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with their show, Powered By Demons.

We chatted about magic and religion, what happens when dangerous stunts go wrong, and how they might incorporate a garden gnome into their act.

Oh, and their wonderful online ESP test is here.

Download here.


  1. They talk about how tying razor blades together in your mouth is a pointless trick but then they go on to describe their own trick of sticking a needle into their eye?! I don’t understand magicians…

  2. I am not particularly squeamisnh, but just the description of the needle and eye trick made me cringe!!
    Also Dave, you misunderstood what they said. The way most magicians do the trick is pointless, however they work in a reason (albeit far-fetched) to actually perform the trick. That is the difference I think.

  3. Yeah, I couldn’t get the explanation either (not available in my area – I’m in Ireland) but I saw the test. I don’t get it though, was I supposed to get any of the shapes “Ivan” was thinking about? Cause I totally didn’t…

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