Millions of people have enjoyed watched Richard’s Quirkology videos, and now he has produced a science book and set of optical illusions to accompany the channel.

This collection of amazing science stunts will allow you to balance a coin on the edge of a banknote, walk through a postcard, create a pen that writes any colour, transform a tea towel into a chicken, and much much more!  Discover the science of the seemingly impossible and confound colleagues, flummox your friends and family, and be the life and soul of the party.

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We have teamed up with Marvin’s Magic to create a Quirkology box of goodies. The set is crammed full of jaw-dropping illusions, surprising science stunts, and sure-fire bets. Appear to move objects with the power of your mind, transform anyone into a zombie, defy gravity and lots lots more. The box contains everything you need to astound your friends and family, and even has a specially filmed Quirkology DVD.

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