iPhone apps


Richard has teamed up with YUZA to create a mass participation experiment to help discover if it possible to influence people’s dreams.  Before going to bed people indicate the type of dream they would like to have and when they want to wake up. They then place their iPhone on their bed and go to sleep. Dream:ON then activates and begins monitoring their sleep pattern.  When Dream:ON senses that they are dreaming, it plays a ‘soundscape’ that has been carefully designed to help create their desired dream.  In the morning Dream:ON presents people with a graph of their movement during the night and invites them to post a short description of your dream to our experimental ‘Dream Bank’.  Visit the project website here.


“Finally someone has released a rather fantastic mind reading app that genuinely triggers that “wow – how did you do that?” response.” Derren Brown Blog.

Ever wanted to read a person’s mind? Well, now you can with Telepath, the new mind-reading iphone app. The idea is simple. Someone thinks of a number or image, and mentally sends their thoughts to the iphone. They then turn over the iphone and are astounded to discover their thoughts on the screen.

Developed by Sarah Angliss and Richard Wiseman, Telepath does not use voice recognition, is 100% accurate, and does not use any hidden devices.  Download directly onto your iphone or itouch, or visit the Apps Store (note: Telepath will work on the 2nd generation itouch, but not the 1st generation itouch).  Telepath is also available for Android, click here.

Here is Telepath in action….