Lovely illusion

As you know, I am a fan of illusions. At Hauntings, Caroline Watt showed this great picture:


Lots of people see a fish, however, when you look more closely you realize that it is actually created by reeds sticking out of water. I had never seen it before, and apparently it was created by photographer Georges Joniaux.

When you first looked at the picture, did you see the fish or the reeds? I wonder what that says about you?

Mysterious cat video

Just been sent this great, but rather odd, video of a vanishing cat (thanks Mark).

The site here suggests that it involves this arrangement of mirrors…..


This is obviously a false solution (magicians and mind readers use the same strategy to stop audiences thinking about actual methods), but what really is going on? Is it an edit, mirrors, or can the cat actually teleport?

Mystery Face Revealed

A few posts ago I showed you this great afterimage illusion created by Brian King, and asked if you could recognise the face. If you didn’t try it before, take a look now and see if you can identify the person. Just fixate on the centre of the image below for about 30 seconds (try not to move your head or eyes) and then blink at a white wall.

after2Any ideas? Answer after the break.

The Dancer Illusion

Quite a few people have sent the following illusion to me. Basically, as you look at the dancer, she will suddenly shift from moving in a clockwise to anti-clockwise direction. A few sites are suggesting that this is some kind of test of left and right brain thinking, which is obviously rubbish, but it is a nice effect. As yet, I have not been able to find out who actually created it, so if anyone knows, please drop me a line.