Talk topics

Prof Richard Wiseman regularly presents the following talks:

The Luck Factor
Why do some people lead happy successful lives whilst others face repeated failure and sadness? Why are some people always in the right place at the right time, while others are always unlucky? For many years psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman has worked with some of the world’s luckiest and unluckiest people to answer these fascinating questions. Discover the results of his work and find out how ‘The Luck Factor’ can change your life.

The Psychology of Lying and Deception
Why do some people lie and deceive, whilst others are honest and reliable? Is it possible to employ technology to help catch a liar? Why are most people very poor lie detectors, and can anything be done to improve their skills? In this interactive talk, Professor Richard Wiseman presents an accessible and informative insight into the psychology of deceit, and how science can help distinguish truth from fiction.

Mind Magic
Magicians appear to make solid objects vanish into thin air, defy the laws of gravity and predict the future. Magician and psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman invites you to step backstage and discover the secret science of sorcery. Learn the hitherto hidden psychology employed by some of the world’s greatest illusionists, discover why the hand is rarely quicker than the eye.

Sweet Dreams
Join psychologists Richard Wiseman as he reveals the results of a mass experiment into dreaming, and delves deep into the science of nod.  Why do you dream?  Is it possible to control your dreams?  Do your dreams predict the future?  Wiseman reveals what happens when your brain goes to sleep, and explores the new technology that claims to be able to create your perfect dream.