London Talks

speaking3I have teamed up with Funzing and am doing London two talks, one about magic and the other about sleep. Just for today you can get a 22% discount using the code ’22funzingagain’ (limited availability)

Here are the details….

Magic and illusion: Step backstage and discover the secret science of sorcery. Learn the hitherto hidden psychology employed by some of the world’s greatest illusionists, how to misdirect the mind, and discover why the hand is rarely quicker than the eye.  It’s a show packed with illusions, misdirection and sleight of hand. Prepare to be amazed and amused.

4th May Book here

The science of sleep: Explore the new science of sleep and dreaming, find out the truth about  sleep-learning, and delve into the world’s largest archive of dream reports. Join Wiseman as he uncovers the power of the sleeping mind, revealing how you can get the perfect night’s sleep, decode your dreams, and improve your life without moving a muscle.

8th May Book here

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Quirkology videos!

longWe often get inquiries from people who want to use our Quirkology clips in talks, training seminars, and lessons.  As a result we have produced a downloadable pack containing 5 of the most requested psychology-based videos, including the world famous ‘Colour Changing Card Trick’. Purchase the pack and you are free to use the videos for talks and lessons (see terms and conditions at the end of this page).

The five videos are:

The Colour Changing Card Trick: The well-known video in which 95% of the visual scene is changed, and yet most people don’t spot the changes. The pack includes 2 versions – with and without music. Neither video has the ‘created by Richard Wiseman’ watermark present on the YouTube version.

The Test: An example of inattentional blindness, with people failing to see what’s in front of their eyes.

The Afterimage: See a black and white video in full colour!

The Witness: See an example of ‘slow change’ and discover whether you would make a good eyewitness!

The Card: Discover how your expectations shape your perceptions!

The file is in .zip format, and contains all 6 videos when uncompressed. All of the videos are produced in standard definition, in a 4:3 aspect ratio, in QuickTime .mov format, and in English.


“I am one of the Advanced Interviewing Program Managers within the United States Justice Department, and incorporate the “Color Card Changing Trick” in all my classes to teach the value of active listening with your eyes. It’s awesome!”
Janine Driver, Washington, DC

“The Quirkology clips are a fantastic teaching tool – they always generate lots of interest, initiate insightful discussions, and provide a real contribution to the learning experience of our students”
Randell Siow, Victoria School, Singapore

“Our team loved the “color changing card trick”. It provides an excellent demonstration of how often we focus on a challenge and overlook the opportunities that are right before our eyes.”
Hannah Ellis, Vice President of Marketing, Promark Financial, Santa Ana, CA

“Wiseman has created the most convincing demonstration of change blindness that I have come across. It is a fascinating teaching tool that shows how unaware we are of what’s right in front of us.”
Dr Paola Bressan, Psychologist, University of Padua, Italy

Terms and conditions

By downloading the clip you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. We retain the copyright on all of the videos. The purchaser may use the videos in live presentations and talks, but cannot post them online (including intranet systems), show them on any broadcast media, or use them within a theatrical context. If the presentation is recorded, the videos cannot be shown as part of the recording. The videos cannot be altered, reproduced, distributed, incorporated into other products, or resold. The music cannot be used on any other videos or products. The videos are only licensed to the individual purchaser. Please contact us if you require a multi-user site-license.

To purchase, click here.

The world’s first mind reading tee shirt is back!

A few years ago we created the world’s first mind reading tee shirt. They were only available for a very limited period of time.  Well, the good news is that they have just relaunched and are available for the next 4 days.  Here is a video about it and the links. Enjoy!

and the video showing this ground-breaking invention in action is here: