quirkEver wondered why bad musicians always win the Eurovision Song Contest, or how incompetent politicians get elected?  Using scientific methods to investigate unusual topics Quirkology brings a new understanding to the backwaters of the human mind and takes us to places where mainstream scientists fear to tread. Findings include: How does your surname influence your life? What does the way you walk reveal about your personality? Why should women have men write their personal ads? What is the funniest joke in the world?

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The Guardian explores the psychology of lying and the search for the world’s funniest joke here, and Scientific American discusses Quirkology here.

Richard created several YouTube clips to celebrate the publication of Quirkology, including the ‘Colour Changing Card Trick’…..

High quality versions of six of the videos from the Quirkology YouTube channel are now available on DVD.  This DVD is used in training seminars and classrooms across the world.  If you are interested in purchasing the Quirkology DVD, or wish to inquire about television rights for the clips, please email: contact@quirkology.com