Thought experiment…..

Imagine that you have an 18 year old teenage son (if you do actually have one, this won’t be especially hard) and he stole a bottle of water from a shop during the riots.  You know that if you take him to the police he will be charged and convicted.  There is no way that the police will find out about his behaviour unless you take him in.

Would you take him to the police?  Vote now!





The Dancer Illusion

Quite a few people have sent the following illusion to me. Basically, as you look at the dancer, she will suddenly shift from moving in a clockwise to anti-clockwise direction. A few sites are suggesting that this is some kind of test of left and right brain thinking, which is obviously rubbish, but it is a nice effect. As yet, I have not been able to find out who actually created it, so if anyone knows, please drop me a line.


Jaytee, the ‘psychic’ dog

In the early 1990s, Mathew Smith, Julie Milton, and I investigated ‘Jaytee’, a dog who could allegedly psychically predict when his owner was returning home. We believed that the results of our study did not support the dog’s alleged ability. At roughly the same time, Rupert Sheldrake conducted additional work with Jaytee, and argued that his findings suggested that Jaytee was able to signal when his owner started to return home from a distant location. RSupert also criticised the study conducted by Mathew Smith, Julie Milton and myself. We subsequently replied to the points raised in this critique, and Rupert replied to our reply.

I am frequently asked about Rupert’s experiments with Jaytee. There is a PDF of my thoughts here.