I am delighted to launch the first social distancing computer game! Called ‘Can you save the world?’, the game is designed to get children (and adults!) to socially distance, and to also appreciate how this helps to save lives.

I have been working on this with the very talented game designer, Martin Jacob, and you can play it on your laptop or desktop computer (running Chrome or Safari) for free here.






  1. Dear Richard,

    I’m getting an error when trying to run the game.

    [image: image.png]

    Best, //rd

  2. I’m experiencing an optical illusion, after playing the game for a few minutes, then either beating it or getting confined, it looks as if my screen (the game the surrounding background) is moving up / away from me. Is this intentional, or just accidental?

  3. Game errors out during loading when run on latest version of Brave. Seems OK on the same Mac running Safari.

    1. Hello ! Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately the game is not supported on some web browsers. Can you try running it on Chrome or Safari ?

      The game also only works on laptop or computer.

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