1. Fascinating information, but PLEASE get rid of the ‘music’ in the background. For those hard-of-hearing it makes your speech almost incomprehensible by distracting us.

  2. Hi i met you iN Edinburgh did fire walk, you launched Dream ON! In evening you did like a dream like state in club Could
    you tell me how you ou did it again i had a lapse in time like many others, have you done same workshop online would help so many people especially now thank you Brenda

  3. I only noticed the bus change colour which is strange because I am actually paranoid abut children running out into the road! Still trying to figure out the boomerang.

    1. The boomerang is because the one on top is actually placed further left than the bottom one. Since the sides slope in we don’t notice that the bottom side of the top boomerang aligns with the top side of the bottom one, when to make the comparison fair the top side of both should be aligned. Explaining things to people isn’t my strong suit so sorry if this wasn’t helpful.

  4. Thought this might interest you, plus family. He does good quirky things so Signed up ages ago. Isn’t this rain great, now everywhere will get a proper soaking, I’ve even put the heating on ! Axx

  5. I love magic!! actually, I’m so curious so I decided to start learning for myself! And it was easier than it looks, learning to do mentalism effects and magic tricks are one of the most entertainer experiences I have ever had. I always wanted to have many friends and of course being the center of attention. I learned card tricks, wizard secrets and now I am still learning about mentalism!
    I have to admit that before learning about magic I spent hours in front of my computer just watching magic tutorials but the tricks never came up and for a moment I felt that this was not for me, obviously, that youtube videos do work, but books will always be important, many secrets are not revealed in all the videos.
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    After all, people have been mesmerized by Magic and Mentalism for thousands of years. Anyone who is able to master mentalism or magic (no matter who they are, where they’re from, or what their background is) is able to instantly intrigue anyone, command respect, easily get dates and make friends, so I decided to do a careful search of the best method to help me with high-level magic tricks, I always wondered how the magic I see on TV is performed and I found a fail-proof program that taps into the magic/mentalism fascination inside all of us to get ANYONE doing mentalism and magic at a professional level, it takes no long time and the results are effective. I share with you the link so you can start today! Here you are https://bit.ly/2DiM3dM

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