It’s our final puzzle…..

A millionaire tells his two sons to buy two horses and ride to a town 5 miles away. The one whose horse is slower wins and will inherit his fortune. After thinking about the race for days, the brothers ask a wise man for guidance. Upon receiving the advice, they jump on their horses and race to the town as fast as they can.

What did the wise man say to them?

Yesterday I posted this puzzle….

What phrases are represented here….

2 mothers and 2 daughters go out for lunch. They order 6 slices of pizza and can share the slices equally between them.

If you haven’t tried to solve it, have a go now. For everyone else, the answer is below….

If the group consists of a grandmother and her daughter and her granddaughter, then the 3 of them would constitute 2 mothers and 2 daughters. Thus the 6 pieces can be evenly shared between the 3 of them.

I hope you enjoyed the 10 puzzles. Stay safe and I hope to see you soon. Oh, and if you need the answer to the horse puzzle, here it is…..

The wise man told them to swap horses.  Given that the money will go to the slower horse, by swapping horses each son will try to get to the town first, thus creating a proper race.


  1. Sorry to be pedantic, but the puzzle says “they jump on their horses”. If that was true then they would not want to finish first. However if the puzzle said “they jump on the horses” it would be correct.

    1. “His horse” + “His horse” = “their horses”. Both of each horse hold the attribute of belonging to one of the brothers. Grouped together, each of both horses contributes from this attribute (meant as a noun) to attribute (meant as a verb) “theirness” to the total collection of horses. Logically and semantically, the phrasing is valid.

    1. True, the grand daughter doesn’t need to be there, she only needs to have been born.

  2. The one who’s horse is slower will will the race therefore the brother who gets on its horse first can afford to ride slower as he will get more time to complete the same distance!!!

  3. Why did they think about the race for days and needed to ask a wiseman about what to do. Maybe they wanted to be fair ? Maybe the wiseman said finish the race already fools mwhahaharr or somethin like that. If they were about being fair they couldve been fair with the money after the race anyway. So i have no idea.. my assumptions make stupid stories like that.

  4. Missing the quizzes Richard! Anymore for us? I’m Chair of an Expat group in Kuala Lumpur and the quizzes have been keeping our members entertained.

    Can’t think for a minute that you’d remember me, but I was the Humanities Administrator based at Wall Hall many years ago. I remember having to chase you for a Psychology resit exam paper, only to find that you were in India studying Fakhirs? Don’t think I’ve made that up!


    Julie Broadbent

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