Only two more puzzles to go! Here is today’s puzzle…..

2 mothers and 2 daughters go out for lunch. They order 6 slices of pizza and can share the slices equally between them.

How is this possible?

Yesterday I posted this puzzle….

What phrases are represented here….

1) sta4nce

2) Give Give Give Give Get Get Get Get

3) 1245safety78271

If you haven’t tried to solve it, have a go now. For everyone else, the answer is below….

1) For instance

2) Forgive and forget

3) Safety in numbers

Follow the blog for more daily puzzles. See you tomorrow!


  1. Mother, daughter and grand-daughter have 2 slices each!

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  2. Mother, daughter, and granddaughter would be three daughters, not two, because every woman is someone’s daughter.

    Therefore, there can only be two women at lunch. They both also happen to be mothers. They need not be related to each other.

  3. Three woman go the eat the pizza(one daughter, her mother and her grandmother ). Since the youngest one’s mother is also the daughter of her mother who happened to go with her , there are two mothers and two daughters

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