I can’t believe that we are into a week of puzzle solving already. I hope you are having fun.  Here is today’s puzzle…..

Yesterday I went fishing.  I caught a fish that had a length of 30 inches plus half its own length.

How long was the fish?

Yesterday I posted this puzzle….

My friend Albert is trying to open a safe.  The following numbers are on the safe door….

77 – 49 – 36 – xx

…the next number in the sequence will open the safe.

What number should Albert use to get inside the safe?

If you haven’t tried to solve it, have a go now. For everyone else, the answer is below….

The sequence involves multiplying the two numbers together to get the next number….

7×7 =49

4×9= 36

… and so the number that Albert was after was 3×6=18

Follow the blog for more daily puzzles. See you tomorrow!


    1. Also. I saw this posted yesterday and solved it yesterday. How did that happen? I’m not psychic!

  1. Martin
    Richard needs to not be posting old questions. We did this one a few days ago! I think he’s getting muddled.

  2. Using the first digits of each:
    7+7=14 so the next digit is 4
    4+9=13 so the next digit is 3
    3+6=9 so the next digit is 9*

    Using the second digits:
    7+9=16 so the digit is 6
    9+6=15 so the digit is 5*

    Hence the last number is 95*

    Ok, ok, you’re answer is better 😉

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