I recently joined Jim Al-Khalili on BBC Radio 4’s The Life Scientific to chat about my work. I have known Jim for many years and so it was lovely to talk about my thoughts on magic, lying and luck. The talk was recorded at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and managed to get quite a bit of attention online. I hope that you enjoy it!

You can listen to the interview here.


  1. I am one of the luckiest people that I have met in my life. My career and personal story has been of ideas and actions that always worked.
    Good to know the science behind it all.

  2. Thank you. Your work has helped me more than I can say in tackling a very difficult divorce from someone who uses his new age “oh so spiritual” pseudo science and speaking to “the other side” as a means of nasty cruel threats and manipulation and not taking responsibility for anything. You, Richard Dawkins and Derren Brown have been my savours through all of this! I also caught you on The Infinite Monkey Cage the other day. Heartfelt thanks. You have made a huge difference to my ability to cope and to raise my children to think critically and not be drawn in by these insidious charlatans…

  3. Hi Richard, you seem to be against pseudoscience, and so I think you do not endorse the promotion of gross pseudoscience by United Nations. The UN resolution 69/131 clearly shows that United Nations is all for the promotion of the silly ‘ yoga ‘ cult, The annual celebration of the International Day of Yoga by United Nations reflects this UN stance on ‘ yoga ‘. Strangely, United Nations has *NOT* to date officially recognised ‘ yoga ‘ as scientific. Thus, as I see it, United Nations deserves to be accused of knowingly promoting pseudoscience. Do you agree with this view of mine ? Would like to hear from you shortly. Cheers, Prakash RP.


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