Today sees the release of the Ghost Stories film.

It’s based on Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson’s hit stage play,  and centres around a ghost hunter investigating three strange sightings.  I was a consultant for the play and film, and one of the three stories is based on a real event that happened during my childhood (no spoilers, but it is probably fair to say that I have always liked dark spaces!).   I was delighted that Andy and Jeremy made their main character a parapsychologist called Professor Phillip Goodman (ahem).

Huge congrats to Andy and Jeremy for making it all happen.  The film is getting great reviews, so get out and see it as soon as possible.  To help promote the film, the team have put together this lovely illusion-based poster – it has lots of mistakes in it….. how many can you spot?


Right, I am heading out to catch the film right now……oh, and the full list of errors in the poster is here.




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