We have just made a new Quirkology video! I have long been fascinated by the research into Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, and so thought I would make an ultra-short video to celebrate the work. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Interesting! i was once taught that to speed read text in a book or on paper, to just scan your eyes down the centre of the page and read the few words in the middle of each line as you go quickly down the page. By doing this your brain takes in the majority of, and the gist of, what is written. It does seem to work if you are in a hurry and need to read something very fast.

  2. Very interesting demonstration. But now what? Will anyone try out its commercial possibilities by digitizing a selection that would allow me to alter the speed and then test my comprehension? Or will it just die on the vine for lack of a financial investment?

  3. Did two Speed Reading courses during my working years; always found this useful.
    Remember meeting you at our Reading J Day yonks ago … enjoy your Site and contents.
    Just delivered the Quirky Game sBox … great fun!
    Best wishes.

  4. The speed at which one reads is considerably secondary to the speed at which one comprehends. Some people spend all day watching television or scanning the Internet and yet at the end of that very same day can name but scarce as single fact or facet of information that has come upon their way in that long day.

    Others amongst us will gentle pursue a book or film and as a result be filled with renewed insight and understanding and novel factual information for later digestion. The true fact that we have not permitted the information flow into our senses to have been maximized according to some arbitrary definition is not the keymost salient issue at issue here.

    Comprehension is far more important than mere high speed skimming of sensary data. And indeed insight and wisdom which ofttimes are builded upon comprehension are even further of importance – as they are indeed aspects of spiritual growth much lacking and yet much needed even today in our modern world.

    And thus we should be slow to disparage the gentle sage or mystic or shaman who eschews spinning the pages of a book for showy effect. And instead they sit in quiet silent contemplation of the universe around and within them. This is indeed what all true aspirers to wisdom can most profitably be doing. Genuine wise men are deep meditators not speed readers.

  5. Richard, I am fascinated by your interest in speed reading. While current research says it’s a biological impossibility (and that speed reading courses are really just expensive exercises in skimming techniques), there are proven cases of extraordinarily gifted readers (such as Theodore Roosevelt, Bertrand Russell, Balzac) who possessed breathtaking gifts for both speed and retention.

    I’ve gathered some research, if you intend to pursue that direction and are interested.

    I look forward to your thoughts.

    Rob Friedman

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