girlschairfinalWant to be levitated by David Copperfield, see one of the world’s greatest optical illusions, or be attacked by a giant monster?

Then head over to our new Quirkology exhibition at the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The exhibition allows visitors to experience the impossible, and features several unique items.

Master magician David Copperfield has invented an optical illusion in which he appears to levitate visitors, and has kindly allowed us to be the first exhibition in Britain to stage the piece.


levsmallIn another first, famous Japanese illusion inventor Kokichi Sugihara has granted us special permission to exhibit his latest creation, ‘Rectangles and Circles’. This illusion is currently taking the Internet by storm, and shows several 3D rectangles that transform into circles when reflected in a mirror. The Quirkology exhibition is the only place in the world where visitors can experience Sugihara’s amazing creation live.

In addition, the exhibition features an
interactive video show, classic illusions, a goat that appears to follow visitors around circles2smallthe room, and fun photo opportunities for all ages.
The exhibition runs until 1 September 2016 at Edinburgh’s Museum of Childhood on the Royal Mile. Admission free. In addition to the exhibition, visitors can participate in a special Quirkology trail throughout the museum.

And the whole exhibition fits on a USB stick, which allows any science centre, museum or school to reproduce it!

Photo credits: Gordon Rutter, Kenny Mathieson, Richard Wiseman.

With thanks to: David Britland, David Copperfield, Kokichi Sugihara, Water Closet Press and Caroline Watt.



  1. I teach Psychology and would love to get some of the illusions from this exhibition for when I teach indirect perception. Is there a way of getting this via email? I’m based in West Yorkshire and won’t make it up to Edinburgh this summer.

  2. Will the exhibition be travelling? Would love to see it, but I’m in Hastings… Alternatively, please keep it running until the end of the year.

  3. And yet Atomic Theory is violated by Quantum Theory – and both are seriously challenged in ways we simply cannot comprehend by the simple (though explainable) existence of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

    There is indeed much that Science has not yet discovered or explored or explained. Yet to say such things do not exist is itself a fallacy of claiming Science is not capable of explaining “gaps” in its knowledge.

    That makes little sense. Even less so when we look at the sum total of human experience to see what that gives us as a world view.

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