We have just filmed a new Quirkology video! It involves a miniature bear and a magic trick – enjoy….


  1. This is an excellent example of why we should be wary of using such things as transparent stickers on windows and other see-through surfaces such as mirrors. Although people like decals and slogans and tiny little stick on figures such as pokemons there are dangers too.

    Someone looking through the window (or reviewing the CCTV film recorded earlier by the cameras set up for that purpose for Security) may seriously misinterpret what they see because an accidental (or in the case of malicious intent) or deliberate placement of the stickers or other stick on figure has created a “forced perspective” illusion.

    And thus a criminal may get away because their description has been entered wrongly into the National Police Computers as having a completely wrong height.

    I appreciate that videos teaching us how to create this effect are intended solely for light entertainment and psychological experimentation. Yet should the techniques reach the mainstream criminal underworld we may have unleashed something we know not what of yet again.

    As law-abiding citizens we should all bear these responsibilities closely in mind.

    1. @DAve – you are being most disingenuine in trying to insult the one who carries the message rather than cooperate to help reduce this new latest risk to public safety. Criminals as we all know will use any advantage in order to be able to commit the acts that they do.

      In truth it simply does not help us (the lawful citizens) while it does help them (the criminals and the ones who will commit crimes) if we assist them in new and better ways of either committing the crimes they commit or in escape Scot free after having committed said or further crimes against the law.

      It is a simple yet effective truth widely acknowledged that evil can flourish when good people sit back and do nothing. How much further then can evil flourish if we take active steps and do nothing about it?

      This is why even the smallest misstep may start a journey of 1000 miles in quite the wrong opposite direction to that which society as a whole should wish to happen. And thus we should watch with care our even smallest actions lest they become magnified in the repetition or neglect.

      Thus I hold to the simple basic point that we all at least can agree upon herein: teaching criminals to do wrong (even unintentionally) is in and of itself wrong. Let us all work to prevent that ever happening over again.

  2. Here’s a musical puzzle (of sorts). Actually more of a physics question. You’re playing with your ruler, twanging it off the end of the table. Its free length is 15cm. How long should it be to twang at one semitone higher?

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