Want to get the perfect sleep?


man-sleeping-350Tonight we are staging a mass participation study to help people get a good nights sleep. It is free to join in, and we hope that lots of people will take part. All you have to do is click this link and follow the instructions…..


Many thanks




6 comments on “Want to get the perfect sleep?

  1. culbia says:

    Questionnaire doesn`t accept either of my two email addresses 😦 Would love to take part

  2. John says:

    Will not accept either of my email addresses.

  3. Barry Goddard says:

    It seems most unlikely that a psychological approach to sleep will render any truly usable evidence. For sleep is the time when we can best commune with the true reality of our cosmos as we are – in part at least some of us – partially freed from the bonds of matter and space (and for a very select few) and time. We can then (or at least we have the opportunity to) be an active conscious participant in the true reality of our very existence.

    And thus “dropping off to sleep” can be achieved in mere moments by reminding ourselves of the delightful and nourishing and refreshing spiritual journey we are about to undertake while the meat parts of our minds are quieted and busy with mundane tissue repair and memory sorting tasks of the sort that occur during sleep.

    If I ever have even the slightest momentary difficulty with sleep I just reflect for a few moments on the billions of others who are already asleep, And in a way perhaps reminiscent of Rupert Sheldrake’s morphogentic fields that inspires me into an even deeper rest.

  4. Alyson Fricker says:


    Hi, thanks for response on twitter– sorry for delay but I’ve been out.

    Should I tell you my participation number? 41238


  5. Eddie says:

    This topic seems to be rather soporific.

  6. DAve says:

    Wake me up before you go go

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