On Saturday I will be giving an intimate talk in London on ESP and other psychic stuff. It is being staged by The Margery Allingham Society because one of her books – The Mind Readers – is all about ESP. Do come along, much fun will be had and I shall be handing out free ESP cards to some lucky folks.  Details on the poster below. The event is at 67 Church Street, London NW8 8EU



  1. Wait … its coming to me …… nearly there …….. got it

    Westminster City Library in Church Street, London NW8 3EU

    I’ve set the timer on my phone to see how long it will take for Barry Goddard to pollute this thread.

    1. 5 hours 10 minutes, if my humble calculations are correct.
      PS Did you know that Barry was recently appointed Emeritus Professor of Onanism at the University of Nanking – not surprising as he is the holder of the World Hand Speed Record.

  2. I would urge all you skeptics to attend carefully when a professional such as Mr Wiseman approaches such a subject. Though he is not an expert on the subject he may have some valuable outsider insights that you would do well to listen carefully to.

    It is not everyday that someone with impeccable academic credentials “comes out” as a practitioner of ESP and thus I can see that many of the blog posters here would prefer that he did not raise this subject. They wouldst prefer the discussion to stay on the level of puzzles and such like and so forth.

    Yet we are adults and thus it is time to put aside the things of childhood – over rationality and faith in expert father figures and so forth. It is time for us to attain our higher cosmic potential. That Mr Wiseman is even trying is a humble pointer to what may be the very future of human kind’s place in the universe.

    I intend to attend. I hope you do too.

    Open your minds – there is so much of the universe that is not in your mind.

    1. Barry I was there and it was quite good. I chatted to Prof Wiseman at the end. Re intending to attend you’re too late. Weren’t you there? I was sure it was you recognising you from your youtube videos.

    2. Attention does not imply physical presence. Just as one can be in the room yet not attending.

      I hope @edie that you gained a wider insight into the richness of our human experience and that you are now contrite regarding your previous blinkered approach to what reality is.

  3. Barry, I have been an avid reader of your posts for quite some time. For the benefit of newbies I have collated the most cogent, motivating and insightful of your musings which I have faithfully reproduced below:

  4. @DAve – you make a jest about how True Silence is the highest Wisdom as all our words – your’s and mine – are just clunky labels around which we wrap ideas and concepts and the things of this world that yet are not defined or even accurately described by those wrapped words.

    For just as Evolution is a spirit notion which soul does not recognise so too does true understanding come from understanding the depths of our own ignorance.

    This level of spiritual truth – levels far and away above those of “psychology” and “rational mathematics” are the true doors to ascending from our limited state to one that honours our true potential in this universe.

    Thus I am glad that you too have perhaps had a glimpse of this.

    For the discussion here to reach even these narrow heights – and for me to have been a tiny part in catalysing the rise to this level – is for me a humbling sign that my task in this world is beginning to bear true spiritual fruit.

    I thank you all who are embarked on this journey with us and I hope and pray that we will all safely reach the immense openness of true reality before long.

    1. @Dave – the Star Wars movies are of course a parody of American Middle Eastern imperialism. A desert peasant faced with superior technology is not disheartened. He uses his simple faith in a higher power to overcome all obstacles.

      Yet the series can be faulted for its failure to realise that to truly win hearts and minds we need love and kindness not wishywashy thoughts about a “force”.

      For the hero to have truly won back his father from the forces of evil it just required him to couple deep spiritual insight with his simple faith.

      This is indeed a lesson for all of us and for all time.

      I too in my humble way try to take a few faltering steps in that direction. My unfailing kindness in the face of hostile cynics on this very website shows the true power of such an approach.

      I hope that the new Star Wars movie takes a brave leap into the spiritual dimension it has always hinted at. Thus that way we can truly watch an epic journey that will inspire millions to begin on that path.

  5. If may humbly be allowed to add comment …

    George Lucas’ creation of the Star Wars saga was influenced by certain elements of mythology, philosophy and religion. In particular, the conflict between “light” and “dark” sides of the Force resembles Zoroastrianism, while their close connection recalls the yin and yang of Taoism:

    Lucas’s dualism may have been modelled on Chinese yin-yang notions in some ways, but it has equal inspiration from the Zoroastrian ethical dualism of good and evil. Both the dark (yin) and the light (yang) are present in the Force (as they are in Tao), but in Star Wars the dark is associated with evil and the light with good; in Taoism no such ethical links are made.

    There is therefore an inconsistency in Lucas’s ideas between the duality of yin/yang, where the two should be in balance with each other, and the duality of good/evil, where evil is viewed as wrong. There is nevertheless a strong ethical element to Star Wars, which has been linked to that of Buddhism and Stoicism:

    To recap, the virtues the Jedi shares with the Stoic sage are patience, timeliness, deep commitment, seriousness (as opposed to frivolity), calmness (as opposed to anger or euphoria), peacefulness (as opposed to aggression), caution (as opposed to recklessness), benevolence (as opposed to hatred), joy (as opposed to sullenness), passivity (as opposed to agitation), and wisdom. Given all these virtues, Yoda certainly resembles what the ancient Stoics described as the sage—the ideal person who has perfected his reason and achieved complete wisdom.

    The concept of evil in Star Wars also resembles that of Manichaeism. However, since Christianity views evil as the absence of good, rather than as something real in itself, the concept of evil in Star Wars conflicts with that of Christianity.

    The physical aspects of the Force in Star Wars have been compared to Qi in Chinese and Japanese thought. In the first film it is described this way:

    Well, the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.

    Connections of the Force to Prana in Hindu thought have also been suggested, but this has been criticised as a misinterpretation which confuses the Paramatman with the individual soul.

    According to postcolonial scholar Edward Said, the Orient’s association with the mystic, magic, spirit, and the inexplicable allows the West, armed with scientific rationality and technological superiority, to overpower the Orient. But in the Star Wars universe, the sourcing of power from magic, the Force, reconfigures Edward Said’s magical, mystical Orient versus the scientific, rational Occident dichotomy in terms of a postcolonial system of power, in which one can imagine a world that, rather than being governed by who has the latest and greatest technology (as in the Cold War, and during imperialism), there is some larger conflict, some higher actors in a mystical world who have control.

    The power of the Jedi and the Sith show not an exoticized magic, as an Orientalist world would assume, but a distinctly powerful magic, for it is the Force, and those who can use it, that is the superior force in the power system of Star Wars. In this post (or anti?)-colonial power system, the colonial power system’s way of exoticizing magic such that those who believe in the spiritual and the inexplicable are then controlled is completely turned around. In other words, rather than complicating, or reconfiguring, the Orientalist power structure in which technology rules the mystical, the system in which power is configured in Star Wars totally rejects that Orientalist power structure.

  6. Easy one. What is the probability that a circular coin of radius 10mm will end up lying wholly within square gridlines, spaced at 25mm on a horizontal surface, when randomly dropped onto one of its sides onto the surface?

    1. Oops. I misread the question and solved for a coin with diameter 10mm, instead of radius 10mm. The answer should be 0.16%. To satisfy the problem the coin must land with its center inside the 1-mm square in the center of any 25×25 cell. That’s one chance out of 625 = 0.16%.

  7. @Edie – I suspect an undertone of sarcasm in your response to @DAve. Yet he has boldly contributed to this blog and answered a question that is so poorly defined that there a different answer for every missing axiom that has not been specified.

    Consider for example what we call the “real world”. Thanks to “dark energy” (the scientists latest highhanded way of tacitly admitting they understand less of reality than many mystics) the very world we see and experience around us is expanding at an accellerating rate of speed. This alone makes a horizontal grid an actual impossibility as it could never be kept stable.

    Yet rather than take that into account you retreat into insults for those with a wider vision.

    This is not good progress for you. And I wish you to think deeply upon this and consider some humble contriteness and apology for your lashing out from such a limited worldview.

    1. I see that you haven’t managed to find one answer yet, your Bazness, let alone three. Would you like me to humbly provide you with a clue?

    2. Here we are Msr Baz:-
      Don’t think about the circumference, think about the centre.

    1. Thank you Edie for your candid admission above. It shows an example of evidence of why puzzles are such a limited way of exploring philosophy and the real world – they are so limited that all they do is illumine the limitations of the subjective human psyche.

      Nevertheless I must remark that several of the above posts were not from me despite being encaptioned as from “Barry Goddard”. I apreciate humbly that my name is such a big draw for this forum that those who can otherwise get no attention may wish to “false flag” post under it. Yet that simply sews confusion in the minds of those who wish to follow a genuine and ofttimes fascinating dialogue into the true nature of reality and the human mind.

  8. A nice easy one.

    Three gods A , B , and C are called, in some order, True, False, and Random. True always speaks truly, False always speaks falsely, but whether Random speaks truly or falsely is a completely random matter. Your task is to determine the identities of A , B , and C by asking three yes-no questions; each question must be put to exactly one god. The gods understand English, but will answer in their own language, in which the words for yes and no are “da” and “ja”, in some order. You do not know which word means which.

    1. @Edie – when talking with Gods one should take care to be careful not to interrogate them. They have wisdom and largesse and creativity powers that exceed even the limits of human imagination. Simply sitting with them is more than enough. Do not try to become their interrogator.

      For Gods can change their reality as they wish. Their words may have other meanings and be expressed in different sounds as they wish. There therefore can be no stable meaning for JA or DA.

      What there can be is a mystic communing with them that will benefit you in a plentitude of spiritual ways if you just allow them to be rather than try to co-opt them into you endless puzzling mental modes.

      Be humble and accepting and receptive and they will give you all the gifts of meaning you can embody. That you have met with Gods is auspicious. Do not waste this precious opportunity with puzzling thoughts.

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  10. @Edie
    > Looks like you’re keeping yourself entertained there, Barry.

    Mingling with the mind states of gods is far from being entertainment. Rewarding? Yes. And deeply spiritually refreshing. Yet not entertainment. It is work of the highest calibre of subtleness of the mind.

    Yet it remains work that we can all aspire to – and can all reap the spiritual benefits off.

    All you need to do Edie is replace your puzzling mind with your curious one. Once you are curious about the true nature of your own innermost self and the universe in which it has chosen this lifetime to nest – then whole vistas of opportunities to explore are opened up to you.

    You may even in a few weeks choose to throw away your anorak and pawn your puzzle books and join us here in the sunny uplands of the human race where true questing and deep questions happen.

    That you are turning your mind to the happenings of gods is (as already previously stated before) a small yet steady sign that truth is beginning to whittle away at your defensive puzzle barriers. Allow that whittling truth to wash over you and soon your defensive barriers will no even be no more – they will no more be needed.

    This is true spiritual freedom beckoning. Please heed the call and come forth.

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