DB sent me this great illusion, with an upside down lion becoming a mouse! I hadn’t seen it before – enjoy!



  1. This is a fascinating example of how subjective our world is. Turn the world upside down and it appears completely differently to us.

    Thus if we wish to see – really see – what truly the world is we must learn to see deeply and all the way through our subjective layers of perception. This is as one would see through all the layers of water when lying at the bottom of a swimming pool looking up to see the sky.

    It is not enough to foist a layer of “rational thinking” onto our perceptions. That is like painting a telescope on to the tiles of the swimming pool. Or putting racing stripes on a car. It does nothing but make us think we are making progress.

    The true progress comes from the depths of our intuitions – as we can see from the examples in this blog.

    Are you emotionally a lion or a mouse? Turn your world around and be either!

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