Again, loads of people sent me this and boy is it wonderful!


    1. @Dave

      Dave has revealed the chocolates answer (22 – same as an earlier contested puzzle about using the number 2 to make 22).

      As a public service: please do not read the other replies in this post if you do not want to see the answer to the chocolate puzzle.

      There are likely too to be many tedious discussions that attempt to dissect the wording of the puzzle and come up with clever yet vacuuous answers based on misreading or claims to superior knowledge of mathematics.

      If (like most of us) you wish to try the simple pleasure of a straight-forward puzzle without all that tooing and froing just stop reading now.

    2. Let me get this straight. You tell people “as a public service” not to read the other replies if they don’t want to see the answer, immediately after the line where you tell them the answer? You couldn’t make this level of clownishness up. That has to be deliberate trolling.

    3. Good point Simon. Looking back on past posts, most of the “tedious discussions that attempt to dissect the wording of the puzzle” and all of the “vacuuous [sic] answers based on misreading” or misunderstanding the puzzle were submitted by one B. W. Goddard.

    4. Agreed. It’s the height of hypocrisy. Only Goddard could have a little dig at someone for spoiling the answer further down while spoiling it himself for everyone to see.

      Class clown or ass-clown? You decide.

    5. Steve,
      To compare Barry Goddard to a Class Clown or an Ass-Clown is grossly offensive………
      to Class Clowns and Ass-Clowns.
      Please do not do this again.

  1. It is not clear that the person being grasped by the hand is the same person later released by it. It is impossible to be sure it is not a stunt performer wearing similar Burmese shorts.

    Also, the heads of the audience at the far end of the swimming pool suspiciously change position during the film.

    I suspect there is some Darren Brown type fakery going on here as there is in the OK NOW video of the other day.

  2. Well – there’s obviously no “illusion” involved. As far as I can see, a huge giant hand just came from nowhere, grabbed the poor boy and slung him back into the pool. It’s one for Mulder and Scully, I’d say.

    1. I agree – maybe it escaped from Warehouse 13. Maybe Barry Goddard escaped from Warehouse 13. Maybe he should go back there.

    1. On tablets: tap with right hand = right click, tap with left hand = left click.

      You’re welcome.

  3. It’s effective (and fun) at full speed but apart from the discontinuity of the swimmers at the throw there’s one frame just before boy disappears with a glitch to the left of the hand…

    1. @Tim

      Darren Brown is a British mentalist who performs tricks on television, He has no true psychic powers (this he readily asserts and it is clear from his methods) nether-the-less he creates an entertaining illusion that he does.

      True psychics of course do not do parlour tricks for money.

  4. My only question is: Why is there no sound here? I sent this to a friend from the original page and that has it.

    1. Bloody hell, MT. He’s already given away the answer, don’t give away the working too.

    2. OK, if you insist

      15 chocolates bought = 15 wrappers
      15 wrappers buys 5 more chocolates and gains 5 wrappers
      5 wrappers buys 1 chocolate, leaving 2 spare and gains 1 wrapper
      2 spare wrappers + 1 wrapper buys another chocolate

      15 + 5 + 1 + 1 = 22

    3. Ah, but is “buying” the same as “”obtaining”; if you “Buy 3 get 1 free” how many have you bought?

  5. Some people just have no life. Spending all their time bickering with strangers over silly puzzles and leaving comments on sites like this. Er – like me, I suppose. 🙂

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