Gia Milinovich – @giagia – sent me this rather racy illusion yesterday – what do you see when you look at the image? UPDATE – better quality image supplied by @InterWill




  1. I all bollocks!

    Chest muscles don’t form that kind of shape, and the shoulder/chest area do not naturally form that shape either. It’s definitely been manipulated to fit a shot of a woman’s backside in there, or snudged in ways to look similar to a woman’s backside. The only way that could be natural, is if he was unnatural.

    1. I looked at this picture for a while trying to figure out what was so illusion-y about it. It wasn’t until I read your reply that I saw the bum.

  2. Man pecs woman’s buttocks.
    Cheeky one.
    Seriously though, the lighting angles were arse-about, making it a dead giveaway.

  3. This is not an “illusion”. It is very obviously a woman’s bare ass collaged over a guy’s chest, obviously suggesting that men who work out will ‘get some ass’. Same old sexist, misogynistic crap as always. UGH.

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