No hints who it is…..



  1. I had assumed this one of those 3D “hidden” images – I was wrong. The face is clearly visible once you find it. Its cut-out is shaped and sized like a leaf, and its colour is adjusted for camouflage.

    And no, I will not give a hint to who this photo depicts, like some other commenters, for mr. Wiseman asked that of us.

    Suffice to say it’s nearly in the center of the lower left quadrant, and it’s the face of an actor that many younger people unfortunately may hardly recognise.

    1. Ah, I see it now, thank you. I was looking for a pareidolia effect from lots of leaves.

  2. Looks like association football player David Beckham. Not sure if that counts as a famous face. More a famous pair of feet (because he kicks balls better than most)

    1. It does. He’s done a lot of modeling and that, so I think we can have this one.

    1. Yeah….look at the right edge (center)….profile looking to the left….think Christmas time.

    1. Pareidolia is a wonderful thing. I can see a Gamorrean guard hiding in the top left corner and an evil-eye top centre.

  3. First, I do not see on this email where Mr. Wiseman asked us NOT to say. Second, the face I see, does resemble Vincent Price but after looking at it a second, I can see a young Bud Abbott too.

  4. Took me about 8 minutes. I was sure there was something wrong with me. I’m still sure there’s something wrong with me, but at least now I can see the face.

  5. 1) Classic Richard puzzle – 1 second
    2) Took me about 30 seconds – then I remembered a characteristic of addition errors where two numbers are reversed.

    1. Likewise – although my maths was very rusty and I kept getting it wrong – so about 3 minutes for the second

    2. Yes I made short work of number 1. Very short work.

      If you take ANY number and reverse it and subtract the result you get a number divisible by 9. Now our number must be 1/5 larger so 9 times 5 is the answer.

      To the internet nannies: This is discussion not answers. Richard allows this. That is what discussion threads are for.

      To everyone else: Thank you for reading.

    3. Barry, how do you know what Richard allows? is it written somewhere? Have you read his mind?

      You claim that “This is discussion not answers” but I think saying “9 times 5 is the answer” makes a mockery of your claim.

      I think we’re going to have to refer to you as Barry the Spoiler from now on.

    4. In defence of Barry Goddard (not a phrase you hear very often) Richard used to put “do not post your answer” or similar alongside the puzzle.
      He no longer does this.

  6. It takes a special kind of wanker to post the answers to the Friday puzzle on the Thursday post, when the comments on a Friday have been disabled specifically to stop you doing just that.
    Well done guys!

    1. It takes a special kind of self-abuser to go looking for answers to the Friday puzzle on Thursday’s thread, just so that they can be outraged.
      Offence is so rarely given, but so often taken.

    1. I saw the deer on the right hand side and thought it was be bambi. Wasn’t till I went through the comments that I realised the actually was a human face there too.

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