Change the speed with your mind


Martin D sent me this lovely illusion.  Cover up the centre of the image with your fingers, and suddenly it will appear to speed up!



44 comments on “Change the speed with your mind

  1. Anonymous says:

    No it doesn’t ???

  2. Anonymous says:

    didn’t work for me 😦

  3. RLQ says:

    I don’t notice any particular change, either.

  4. Alma says:

    Nor did I. Still seems the same speed to me.

  5. Barry Goddard says:

    The Friday puzzle this week is so trivial, I can’t even be bothered to leave an answer explaining it all, and ruining it for lesser minds than my own.

  6. Pat Harkin says:

    I didn’t spot a change at first but I think there is one, though only of the order of 10%. Or perhaps I’m just susceptible to suggestion! Perhaps the difference results from whether we judge the speed from the “distant” or “near” walls. The far image isn’t changing much, so when we see it, we judge the speed to be slow. The nearer walls are whizzing by and if that’s all we have to go on, we use that. has the image been rigged so the the speeds displayed are position dependent, or would a “real” infinite corridor look like this?

  7. Lazy T says:

    The starfield version posted a while back was much more effective at evoking speed-up, this one evokes wobble at 2,30 am trying to keep quiet.

  8. Can’t say that it worked for me.

  9. Alma says:

    Rubbish really Richard. 😦

  10. If it doesn’t work, ensure you’re covering the WHOLE centre of the image, from top to bottom, not just a small spot in the middle. The effect works in reverse if you hold your hands up to cover the left and right sides of the picture too. It’s about depth perception.

    • Plankton says:

      This is how I got it working as well. It doesn’t work if I cover the middle of the image with my fingers, but it does work if I cover the entire central half of the picture from top to bottom. Try using your palm instead of your fingers if it doesn’t work.

  11. Ken Haley says:

    All I can say is, that’s a long hallway! Not quite as long as the last hotel where I stayed, but it’s up there.

  12. Karen says:

    You have to stare the the middle for a moment and then cover the middle with about 4 fingers.

  13. Barry Goddard says:

    Once more again someone has used my name to post a comment that I would never have made.

    I do not worry about this. As my buddhist friends used to say: we do not even own our own body let alone our own identity. So let it be as it is with others hiding behind my name because they dare not speak of their own.

    My comment on this illusion is this. I can see that for some it works and for others it does not. The preceding comments tell me this. I wondered why that is. I think I know the answer.

    I let the video run for about 20 minutes so we are now (by my estimates) over a mile down that long corridor (does it ever end? That is a large hotel indeed). I noticed the speed does vary at different points in the corridor.

    Thus the effects people are reporting may be due to tiredness by the cameraperson rather than the person watching the video.

    That seems to me to be the simplest of possible explanations.

  14. fotoflex2013 says:

    The Overlook Hotel!

  15. Carl Zetie says:

    Hanna-Barbera called, they want their corridor back.

  16. I keep expecting two see two creepy twin girls appear at the end.

  17. John Cartwright says:

    No it doesn’t.

  18. James says:

    It didn’t work for me until I stared at the center for 10 seconds then quickly covered the center with my entire hand. The effect only lasted a few seconds.

    The reverse worked a bit better (covering the outside with both hands).

    Thanks “Connor Jacobs”!

  19. The Friday Spoiler says:

    30 seconds. Easy Peasey – time moves in a linear fashion – in one direction – or at least that is what our primitive brains believe.
    Hope the questioner is not massively hung over or they won’t be able to go first footing.

  20. Barry Goddard says:

    An easy puzzle that no one can twist the words to get a wrong meaning for.

    Today is 30/12/2014 (I pick a year to make it more real) and it is her 19th birthday tomorrow. Therefore two days ago she was 17.At the very end of next year (31/12/2015) she will be 20.

    • Dave's Neighbour says:

      Wrong! If she is 19 on 31/12/1014, she must have been 18 on the 30th, so she cannot be 17 on the 28th.

      The answer works if for example today is 1/1/14 and her birthday is on the 31st December. Thus

      30/12/2013 she will be 17
      31/12/2013 she turned 18
      1/1/2014 she is 18
      Next year = 2015 she will be 20, having celebrated her birthdays on 31/12/14 and 31/12/15

    • Barry Godard says:

      @Dave’s Neighbour

      Please follow the rules of etiquette on this blog and not comment on replies until Monday.

      The rules are for the enjoyment of all.

    • Miss Manners says:

      Barry, as you write:-

      “… is her 19th birthday tomorrow. Therefore two days ago she was 17….”

      At the rate she is ageing, she will probably be dead before the end of next year not 20.

    • Dave's Neighbour says:

      Will the real Barry God(d)ard please stand up?

    • Barry the attention-seeking Troll says:

      Wrong, yet again Barry. You really are a chump. You wrote “…that no one can twist the words to get a wrong meaning for” and yet you managed to get the wrong meaning. How can she possibly be 17 and then, 3 days later, 19?

      Oh, and there is no rule about commenting on replies, only about giving the answer away which you just did.

    • Barry Goddard says:

      @Barry the attention-seeking Troll

      May I politely with respect ask that we keep this discussion polite?

      Rudeness is endemic on the internet yet we can rise above that.

      All I have ever sought to do is be helpful. That is simply part of my nature – along with clarity of thought and inner calm and kindness. I have been helpful to many others here and intend to continue to be so despite the impolite comments of some.

      Yet it would be easier if I were felt welcome rather than multiple times disparaged for my heloful insights.

      On Monday my contribution will be vindicated. Please refrain from being vindicative between now and after then.

    • Not Barry says:

      You are neither helpful nor polite. The only rule for the Friday puzzle was that you didn’t give the answer away, yet you frequently did. It’s certainly not polite to ruin it for everybody else, just so you can assuage your deep-seated need for validation.

      And you’re not helpful when you misunderstand puzzles but insist that your interpretation is somehow the correct one and everybody else is mistaken. Sometimes, as with this one, you are just plain wrong. Please, do tell us all how someone who is 17 can be 19 only three days later, we’re all waiting with baited breath to read about that one.

      On Monday you will again be proven to be a Grade A ass-clown.

    • Dave says:

      Ha ha, I agree with you mate. That Barry is an arse-clown through and through. He’s the reason I’ve stopped participating here and I know he’s driven a few others away too.

    • Miss Manners says:


      I would consider it both helpful and polite if you explained how your following quote is correct:-

      “… is her 19th birthday tomorrow. Therefore two days ago she was 17….”

      Alternatively, you could just admit that you were wrong – and gain some respect for so doing.

    • Jonno says:

      Count me as another who left rather than put up with Goddard’s incessant spoiling and bleating.

  21. Pat Harkin says:

    This one is just too simple. No one likes being a teenager, and she wants to go university without accumulating a great debt, so she has been involved in a chronotransplant. This a plastic surgery procedure in which years are taken off ageing Hollywood stars and grafted on to younger recipients. (What, you thought ******* ********* actually looked that way naturally?)

  22. Lazy T says:

    it’s very easy to overeat and put on a couple of stones in a year and a day

  23. Ricardo says:

    Worked, somewhat. You really DO need to cover the entire middle, because in fact, the outer margins are further apart and so move faster past your eye.

    But I changed the speed with my hand, not my mind.

    My mind is still intact.

    • Daniel says:

      Actually, Ricardo, you changed your perception of the speed with your mind (or rather, the vision processing part of your brain). Your hand was merely an accomplice.

  24. Hi Richard .. This did not work for me !! However i did notice that every 8.5 seconds the pisture speed up automatically !! Friday Puzzle ?..or Saturdays hagover 🙂 !

  25. Stevenz says:

    A hunch: you’re watching something going at a constant speed but when you cover the middle, the same objects are covering a shorter distance, therefore in less time. Speed is distance over time.

  26. Paula says:

    WTF que pasa aquí 😀

  27. […] Täuschung in Bewegung Eine stark visuelle Illusion fand ich auf Richard Wisemans Blog: Bedecken Sie einfach die Mitte des nachfolgenden Bildes und Sie sehen, wie sich die […]

  28. dayuntoday says:

    Can’t see this one. Doesn’t work for me at all.

  29. Neil Mcintyre says:

    I think this is a flop !

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