We have just made a new Quirkology video.  Enjoy!


  1. Good Heavens! I think I DID work out how the yellow ball appeared- but only because I’ve seen other RW videos. Still good fun.

  2. Yes, worked it out before the explanation came through on the video.
    Would like to do this trick myself, but have no idea where I can get a bear costume.

  3. Enjoyed reading 59 Seconds and Night School, thank you.

    Am unable to locate the “Sleep Music” you recommend, linked below the sleep- related video.
    Can you please send me the link?



  4. Pretty obvious that it was something like that, with the plain dark background’n’all. Does it still work if the other guy ISN’T wearing a bear costume ??? Or if he’s wearing a pink feather boa, a white tutu and black wellies with a stuffed parrot on his shoulder? Has this alternative ever been tested?

  5. I love “black” magic, especially if watched in real life. When used on camera, it just looks like an editing trick. But in real life, that isn’t possible (yet), increasing the magic!

    Building a guide rail for a dropped ball may seem far-fetched, but far-fetched are exactly the lengths magicians will go to fool us. Psychologically, we dismiss the far-fetched method as an explanation… which is why the magician will use it.

  6. Dammit. I figured out how the balls appeared but I thought it would have been a gorilla suit. 100% wrong again.

  7. Yeah, yeah, that’s how a ball appears. We get it. But what we don’t get is how you managed to breed a two-faced bear that’s smart enough to put balls onto the rail! 😀

  8. I have analysed this trick with my astrologically enhanced mind and have deduced that the balls are palmed into the cup by Prof Wiseman’s right hand. This is easy to see when you have my vast experience at being a shyster and I’m happy to help anybody else understand by explaining how it was done.

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