Can you figure this out?


Dave L sent me this video, and it’s very good. Can you count how many people emerge and figure out how it was made?


34 comments on “Can you figure this out?

  1. Sanjay says:

    Okay this is an awesome magic effect!

    …hmmm… Okay this is what I can come up with: is that the video shot STARTS with the car only moving a metre. It gives the immpression that the car has moved but actually we can not see behind the car. This means we can START with a large number of people behind the vehical at the openning of the video and then one by one they emerge…

    …as a magician that’s how I would have done it! How did I do Richard, am I on the button here?

  2. Alma says:

    That’s what I was thinking. Seems like the obvious trick. A whole load of them are hunkered down hiding behind the side of the car to start with and then they get in through the doors and come out the other side. Not rocket science! 🙂
    Or, of course, there’s actually a portal to and from an alternate universe inside the car, and all those people are coming out of there. 🙂

  3. jasontimothyjones says:

    it looks like the far side doors are not opening at the start, so some people crowded on the outside of the far side of the car, then the near side doors are closed allowing the far side doors to open, people climb in the far side, then come out the back hatch, I count 19 ppl

  4. Barry Goddard says:

    I counted one woman and eighteen men.

    You ask how it was made. To my untrained eye it is a fairly standard people carrier type vehicle. I’d say no reason to assume it was not made on a production line same as any other such commercially available car.

    That a people carrier can carry people is to be expected in this day and age.

  5. fotoflex2013 says:

    It’s obviously filmed backwards!

  6. I expect an illusion like Lance Burton peformed, when he made 30 ladies appear from and walk out of a standard-sized suitcase, yet simpler, because the car provides more hiding.

  7. Mark says:

    How many circus audiences have been astounded by a tiny car full of clowns?
    Discounting a trapdoor (a feature oddly missing from most modern arena), the obvious answer is all those clowns were in the car in the first place..

    I have seen more than nineteen clowns – with plenty of oversized props in tow – spill out of a vehicle much more modestly sized than the one in the video.

    Just nineteen in what appears to be an oversized vehicle? And no gorilla costume or two person giraffe (complete with extendable neck) to provide a bit of comic relief along the way? These people are amateurs.

  8. Luisa says:

    JAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa es increíble todo ese gentío, jajajaaj me imagino como quedaran todos de apretados dentro del carro. 😀 esta bueno el vídeo.

  9. Eddie says:

    Come on Richard. A child of 4 could come up with a bettler puzzle.

  10. Gabby Bollard says:

    Nine card games were played. Joan won 6 and John won 3.

  11. green-screen or picture of the tarmac behind the car, concealing people going into the car from the far side to emerge nearside, which is why the front door furthest away can’t really be seen open either… Like some of the art theft trick Darren brown did. Easy to fool a fixed camera that way.

  12. Barry Goddard says:

    It is obvious that for John to win three pounds he must have played three games. And for Joan to have won three games she must have played three games. But these two pairs of three games cannot be the same as they have different winners. Therefore the minimum is six games played.

    I know some will try to complicate this by saying: what about draws? or abandoned hands? or if they played a negative number of hands? or if they changed name or sex during the match?

    But simple is best in this puzzle. Six it is and we can all rest easy for the weekend.

  13. ChrisR says:

    But the question related to the fact that /John/ had won three games and /Joan/ had won £3. May be the question you are thinking about was asked in the alternative universe accessed via the portal in the car…

  14. Barry Goddard says:

    @Cowardly Troll

    That was ChrisR who made that remark. Not me. It is possible that the solution proposed is a mirror image of the one wanted. But given the solution is six hands of three each that is a minor irrelevance.

    Thank you for commenting, Even though it was not my remark the fact that we can compliment each other on our contributions adds to the dialogue and interaction.

    We should always strive to help others and especially when they have arrived at incorrect answers by misreading or incorrectly solving the puzzles.

    My training as an astrologer shows me how few of us really look closely at even our everyday assumptions. Pausing to solve a puzzle and being humble enough to listen to feedback if we have erred makes us all the stronger. This is perhaps the greatest strength of this blog.

    • Spammy Fodder says:

      Wrong again, Barry. it wouldn’t be much of a puzzle if they had both won 3 games.

      The puzzle states that Joan has won 3 pounds, not games, to obscure the fact that she must have actually won 6 games – 3 to win her money back from John and 3 more to win her £3.

      To further clarify, if someone wins £3 but also loses £3, they don’t say “I won £3”, they say “I broke even”.

  15. Anónimo says:

    jaaaaaaaaa it is increible 😀

  16. Lazy T says:

    Reinstate the Friday Puzzle Comments, please.
    Rebrowned on Ooohya Blog.
    Tarry Lollard likes this.

  17. Brett says:

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