This video was originally posted on Magic Week, and does a great job of highlighting the weirdness of many magicians….



  1. I do not understand why a nubile lady of easy virtue would carry a discarded gum wrapper to a bar.

    Nor why a street magician performing in said same bar would assume that one of his audience would be carrying such a wrapper.

    It is possible I suppose that she was a plant (a stooge of the magician working with him).

    Or is there some deeper American cultural trope that I am missing?

    1. It would appear that Richard has turned off comments on the Friday puzzle, which is why he’s dropped his usual instruction not to post the answer.

      It seems he has been observing the craziness of the comments in recent weeks.

    1. As we all know it is a scientifically provable fact that, due to years of inbreeding, the aristocracy are all completely bonkers. I will therefore not react to his Lordship suggesting that it is a “good call” that we can no longer comment on the Friday puzzle and then comment on it himself.

      One rule for the rich and another for the poor, as ever, I suppose.

      I wish his Lordship would give some thought to those of us at the bottom of the foodchain, however. We have very few pleasures in life other than sex, violence, binge drinking and commenting on the Friday puzzle (oh, yeah, and watching Jeremy Kyle too).

      Don’t we shit-munchers have any rights?

  2. Definitely good idea on Friday puzzle. Struggled a bit at first, walked away and came back, and it was suddenly all clear. About 5 minutes!

    1. @mathmiles.

      I did indeed notice the new experiment being carried out this Friday, And I saw the attempts here and elsewhere to undermine it. I believe we should wait patiently until Monday to see the results of this experiment.

      If it has caused distress to those who could not discuss the solution and it’s timing then perhaps we need to band together to help provide solace in future. Either way I support experiments as they help us learn and grow.

      As with the man with the unlit candle, it is better to shout into a bucket than trust the darkness. I will too.

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