A few days ago @TerrifyingPosts posted this great two-line horror story….


What do you think? Why is it so scary?


  1. You can scan the paragraph really fast so you’ve read it before you maybe wanted to. No opportunity to turn away like you could if it was longer or a film. Shudder!

  2. Huh… Amongst others it is so scary, because you do not know, which of the two children is the “unreal” one. And, like a joke, it is unexpected and destroy the first impression.

    1. thanks Jacob. My favourite has to be:
      “I can’t sleep,” she whispered, crawling into bed with me. I woke up cold, clutching the dress she was buried in.

  3. He’s suddenly faced with the horrifying feeling of not being able to recognise his own child and the responsibility of having to choose one over the other as the ‘real’ one. What if he makes a mistake?

    1. So what did you see that was scary or terrifying, considering that you did not see nothing?

    2. Agreed. Nothing terrifying. Amusing. Cute twist, but not terrifying at all.

  4. Here is my scary story

    On Friday Richard Wiseman posted the puzzle question, “Can you use three 2s to create an expression (such as ’2+2+2′) that equals 22?” Then suddenly on Monday the question was altered to, “Can you use three 2s to create an expression (such as ’2+2+2′) that equals 11?”

    1. Thank you I thought it was me and I couldn’t find the original post when I was wondering.

  5. The story taps into various issues that Freud addressed in his essay “The Uncanny”. Freud described ‘uncanny’ (or ‘unhomely’) as situations where everything seems normal, but something is ‘wrong’ in some way. Furthermore, Freud discusses the uncanny aspects of twins/doppelgangers at length. I think that the story is so scary because it deals with something quintessentially uncanny.

  6. The short film is far more effective. And what’s with the quotation marks at the start of the story?? 🙂 Interesting little scary idea though. What if?

  7. Oh – and this is one I find very creepy: In the middle of a winter’s night, alone in your house, you reach out, groping in the pitch darkness, trying to feel for the glass of water on your bedside table. Silently but firmly, the glass is simply placed into your hand.

  8. Frederick Brown wrote a two sentence horror story that went something like:

    The last man on earth sat alone in his room. There was a knock on the door.

    But he ruined it in my opinion by making it part of a longer story. The longer story started AND ended with those two sentences.

    I believe I can and have improved on Browne’s work below:

    The last man on earth knocked on a door. “Come in” said a voice.

    Much scarier, yes?

    1. But – why would he knock on a door if he was the last man on Earth??? Who (or what) would he be expecting might answer??

  9. After the long dark train ride, Abraham was ready to run anywhere, and he almost made through a hole in the chain link fence before his mother grabbed him. “Your filthy and need to clean up,” she said, as she grabbed him by collar and followed the German guard to the showers.

  10. Tucking my son into bed, he said, “Daddy, I think there is a monster under the bed.” To reassure him, I bent over to look and saw myself staring back. The me under the bed said, ‘Help me, there’s someone on the bed.”

  11. It is very very scary because it involves your own kid.. nothing on this planet can b more beloved than your kids .. if it was your gf, bf, friend even parents u must b running without looking back even a single time but u simply CAN NOT leave u r kid in any situation. ..

  12. It involves a kid at night during bed time. There’s supposed to be only 1 kid & yet there are 2, so which 1 is the real kid & who’s the other? What is he even doing there & where did he came from? Questions like these immediately pop up in the mind which makes it scary.

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