Can you solve the illusion?


Jay brought my attention to this great image of a man with no lower torso from the Brandsinger blog….. can you figure out what is going on?


There is a clue after the break…..




23 comments on “Can you solve the illusion?

  1. Anne Elk says:

    I’ve no idea but it reminds me of a character in John Sladek’s Tik-Tok, who attends a party dressed in mirrors so that it appears as though he has no torso. So, my guess is mirrors.

  2. Check out his shadow in the second picture. He’s sitting with his legs up on some scaffolding.

  3. Sanjay says:

    Yeah that is really good – like magic levels of good!

  4. Oh, Richard is right, it’s scaffolding…

  5. Coins says:

    The real question is: why is Martin Gore from Depeche Mode messing around on scaffolding?

  6. OyiaBrown says:

    The person is clearly being reblogged on Oyia Brown.

    • Eddie says:

      I’m now following @OyiaBrown and delighted to discover that she has more to say on Twitter than ‘reblogged on Oyia Brown’.

  7. Alma says:

    Perhaps he’s simply just half a man. Or half man half biscuit. But oh no . . . that was a different band . . . :-))

  8. Barry Goddard says:

    Could this be the driver of the Ghost Car that was blogged about here last week?

    I feel Richard is teasing out an announcement of astrological import. First a car that appears and then a torso that disappears.

    We know we live in a world of infinite splendour and complexity in which many things are possible with the Mind that simple science would deny.

    It now seems we have some proof of that from an impeccable source: a scientist who studies the mind.

    What wonders will we see next I wonder?

  9. Paul says:

    Yeah, the shadow in the first photo gave it away.

  10. Rod Kimball says:

    I know where his legs are AND I know what he’s eating. He’s sitting directly in front of the Num Pang Sandwich Shop on East 12th St. in New York City and he’s just the sort of guy who would put up with sitting on something so painful for a really weird sandwich.

    • Ken Haley says:

      Right you are! I just pulled it up in Google maps street view. Amazing that the scaffolding is still in place there (before or after this photo?)

  11. David says:

    but it’s the ONLY possible explanation… i dont see what’s so hard to figure out?

  12. L.Long says:

    Too simple…3secs to get it.

  13. george lowe says:

    He is sitting on the scaffolding with his legs up , look at his shadow on the floor.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is it a hammock? I have a hammock and it could look like that from the right angle.

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