Paul W sent me this lovely video featuring an amazing appearing car….. can you explain it?


  1. Yup, I reckon there is a simple line of sight that is blocked by the main car that simply obscures the “ghost” car until the last minute. I’m not even sure what the fuss is (the hidden trajectory is fairly straightforward)

  2. For stage magicians this kind of hiding is extremely important: the situation appears normal and then out of “nowhere” something new appears. In some acts, attention is sought for the apparition (yay, lookie here!), and in others, it’s kept secret on purpose (where’d they go?).

  3. at about 0.09, right asthe bmw makes the turn, you can see light on the asphalt – the “ghost” has come from the other direction and not stopped like the bobtail truck, trolleybus, and the other car. it basically came straight at the bmw and turned just before the collision (you can see something came off one of the cars). the red car to the right of the bmw also reacted to the “ghost” but didn’t hit it like the bmw did.

  4. The car came from the signal but the angle of the camera was set as that the car was first hided by the car in front of bmw and then the car was hidden using bmw.I bet this isn’t real coz if it was then who and why was someone making the video???????????????It means it was a planned scene

  5. a lot of guesses but until you can tell me the route of the ghost car before it appears then I’ll believe you. But from what I see, it isn’t coming from the lane to the right of the BMW – the other turning lane. There are only two cars and no room for a third to materialize from there. BMW has a left turn light so it’s unlikely the car came from the on-coming lane because they would have the red, and the same cars are stopped there throughout. Anyway, I don’t see anything coming from that direction. It could be running a red light, coming from the right and making a left turn, but you would see that as there is plenty of room between the two cars. Well, whatever the answer, it’s Obama’s fault.

  6. There’s a feeder road/ramp between the stopped vehicles at 12:00 spot and the building to their right. You can see the headlights as the car comes up the road/ramp, but it’s lost as the cars make the arc of the turn. It is actually running a red light.

    1. I’m with this – you can see the light(s) moving right to left, disappearing occasionally (behind foliage?) and then as the ‘ghost car’ crosses the junction (continuing to move in a straight line) it is hidden by the car ahead of the camera. It’s taken me several viewings to come to this conclusion. I’m still not 100% sure of the trajectory though as it seems as if the feeder road is behind the bushes/green traffic light but when the car appears it seems to be nearer. Maybe the lights I see are not those of the ghost car after all…

  7. I see a lot of theories, but I don’t care. That was still perfect timing! Lucky the one happened to be filming this.

  8. It is a pity the filmer did not follow the “ghost” vehicle for a while. If it soon disappeared or drove straight through a wall that would be good evidence that it was indeed a ghost.

    Given they did not. And given that ghost cars made of recent models are rare it seems more likely there is a mundane solution.

    A car that appears and does not disappear again (it stays appeared once it has appeared) is clearly not a ghost. It would be silly to think otherwise.

    So what are we seeing?

    Given we have eliminated the possible as Sherlock Holmes said we have only one remaining possibility. What we are seeing is a portal style teleportation manifestation.

    It is likely that the teleported vehicle has not teleported far and the driver was probably not even aware it had happened. He maybe thought he had just dozed off for a moment or looked down to send a tweet and the teleport happened spontaneously.

    In my experience this sort of mundane out-of-this-world experience happens more often than we are aware of. Charles Forte spend a lifetime collecting such “fortean” happenings. If he were alive today he would appreciate the internet for its ability to assist in further collections,

    A careful examination of the GPS (or navstar if this is in Russian) equipment in the vehicle will help show the length of the teleportation – and if the vehicle is prone to this reality shift event.

    I know some will instinctively deny this possibility without doing any research into its likelihood. For you the world is a greyer place.

  9. I feel no sorrow for the car following, however. The driver was clearly in error and was unable to stop in the distance he or she could see to be clear. Their negligence is clear for everyone to see and by posting this video Richard has unwittingly become a party to the crime. He should know better.

  10. Having watched the video several times and read the comments above I’d agree with the hypothesis the ‘ghost car’ drove through a red light from the traffic perpendicular lanes. The video is poor quality and the compression used has probably contributed to the difficulty in spotting the car earlier in the footage.

    As for the driver of the camera car, I feel some compassion. The ‘ghost car’ jumped the lights disappears in a blind spot and a moments inattention, maybe, and bang, a rear-ender. I guess if the ‘ghost-car’ driver was ever caught he or she would have some explaining to do. Perhaps a lesson for all of us drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists (and pedestrians) for benefits of defensive driving.

  11. Reblogged this on The Daily Pause and commented:
    Per one of the comment on YouTube, I did see how the car on the “right” was breaking/slowing down. And for whatever reason the “target” car didn’t seem to notice/slow down and got hit by the alleged “ghost” car. Hmm.

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