First, we have just released the Night School Sleep music on iTunes.  This 30 minute piece is scientifically designed to help you fall asleep and can be downloaded here.

Second, James F sent me this rather lovely illusion.  This ‘parrot’ is actually a female model posing for body painter Johannes Stötter. Can you spot her? If not, there are clues after the break.



The woman’s arm forms the head and beak, and her legs make up the wing and tail feathers.


  1. Fairly easily spotted after a second or two and didn’t need the guidance. Interestingly, once spotted, I found it difficult to reform the parrot image in my head.

    It would actually have been more interesting to have posted this under an ambiguous heading, such as “What species are you seeing?”, as when prompted with the information that there is a woman in the photo, it rather gives the game away.

  2. A missed opportunity indeed @Stephen Jones,

    If only the photographer had hired an androgynous male model.

    The title of the work could then be “Whose a pretty boy?”

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