fotoflex sent me this rather lovely image who is about to have the mother all of hangovers….



    1. You see you’re assuming that the wine came out of that bottle that we can see in the background. What isn’t appreciated is that it is a very long way away!

  1. Used to see her and her friends on London Bridge train station Friday nights, when I lived in Brockley.

    I’m also pretty sure there was a few thousands around London on the last night of booze on the Tube…

  2. What you see is not always what you get! Thoroughly enjoyed “Rip It Up” which I’ve just finished. You’re right – actions speak louder than thoughts. Be it, don’t think it.

  3. This seems to be a simple example of photo trickery.

    If you look closely at the woman’s hand behind the glass you observe that it is much thinner than the part of the same arm that is not behind the glass. That part of the arm is too thin to be a human arm. Therefore it is likely that the part behind the glass is a model. Not a hashion model but perhaps a stick covered in the same style of cloth as the women.

    It seems most likely that the camera exposure was stopped halfway through and some elements of the scene rearranged before the image was then completed. Perhaps for example the women was replaced by a dwarf for part of the exposure.

    Though why any one would wish to create this degree of transparent fakery is beyond my simple understanding,

    1. > “simple”

      You got that right.

      Anyway, I’m more concerned about the levitating wine bottle, and the fact that she’s left her pants on the floor.

    2. No, it isn’t that complicated. Someone is holding a normal glass of wine close to the camera while the woman seated further away is posing in a position that emulates one holding the large wine glass. Here right arm apppears smaller due to the optics of the wine glass being so far away from her arm.

  4. The commentator above is missing the point completely! Of course it’s been set up as an illusion. Just enjoy the image with a sense of amusement as intended, and try not to be so clever in pulling it apart!

    1. Or maybe he’s attempting to get a rise out of gullible people. I believe the youngsters call it “trolling”.

    2. Barry is well aware of this. He’s just a sad, lonely person seeking whatever attention he can get.

    3. Barry G is brilliant and his comments always give me a hearty chuckle. Keep at it Barry you super sleuth.

  5. True, but what a waste of time and energy…but there you go… always too much anger and not enough praise 🙂

  6. If the wine is also huge then she probably wouldn’t absorb the giant alcohol molecules, thereby not getting drunk or getting a hangover, maybe she’d get the trots though!

  7. It is me in the photo! There’s no photoshop it’s just a glass held near the lense. It was a lovely afternoon drinking wine but the glass wasn’t bigger than my head!!

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