The ever wonderful @jbrownridge sent me this lovely image of a huge giant squirrel….


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  1. …and the giant squirrel is standing (somehow) on his outstretched hand, forcing perspective so that he is understood to be very strong! 😀

    1. but you can the squirrel’s hind legs to the right of his hand, and I don’t see how he can be holding the pretzel and be balancing the squirrel on his hand.

    2. Look again. The squirrel is standing on the top of a concrete wall. The coloration and texture of the wall make it appear like ground/gravel. The photographer’s arm blocks the edge of the wall and bottom of the car.

      Kudos to the photographer if this was designed and not a fortunate accident.

    3. One Eyed Jack’s right. Otherwise the man’s arm and hand are also way big. I first thought the house, car and everything were models. But no, the wall explanation is better–obviously right. The whole illusion is likely an accident.

  2. It’s a wall. The squirrel is standing on top of it while the car is parked on the side. The key was hiding the left edge of this wall with the outstreched arm, the pretzel and the squirrel. Lucky shot? 🙂

    1. Picture a five foot tall and one foot wide wall running the length of a driveway. Lay your arm on the wall lengthwise and point at the squirrel which is about a foot away from your hand.

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