Here is the latest Night School video showing how the 90 minute rule can help you to wake up feeling great!



  1. Two concerns. First, if it’s only about 90 minutes, that could throw things right out when it multiplies over several cycles. Second, many people can’t choose when they’re going to fall asleep with the level of accuracy this technique demands. Has a trial been done to find out whether this works?

  2. Wouldn’t it be easier / more effective if you we’re able to wake up during the light sleep? Which would mean you aim to wake up within a 90 minute range around your desired wakeup time.
    I think there are tools (watches, phone apps) that claim to help with this – do they really work?

    Like Michael Bench-Capon asks, I highly doubt you’ll be able to aim for being in light sleep exactly at 8 am (when your alarm clock goes off).

  3. And what about the many (specially a bit older) people who tend to wake up a few times during the night – to go to the loo, or just through restlessness etc? And not many people can just “make” themselves fall asleep to order exactly at a given time! Who can do that? “Right – I’ll fall asleep at 11.13 tonight then”. What bollocks.

  4. Hi there, I would ask: from the video it seems the phases are 4: Light, Deep, Dream and Wake Up.
    The 90 rule states: 90 minutes for each phase.
    Application: if I would wake up at 7:30, it means 4*90=360 minutes=6 hours –> I’d go to sleep at 1:30.
    What it comes out from the downloadable document is: “10.30 pm or midnight” . Then the phases are more than 4. Could you please confirm it?
    When could I read more?

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