I am a big fan of terrible layout errors like this…..




There are loads more over on this website. Enjoy. Oh, and my Night School book is out tomorrow.


  1. As no one has explained this puzzle I will try to do so.

    They have large letters in the sea. Perhaps polystyrene or foam rubber. The photographer did not realise the letters would not be reflected by the sea. Therefore they used Photoshop or similar to add a wavy reflection.

    But it looks like they did not use the spell checker correctly. Thus “suit” (as in “suite yourself” a common phrase meaning “make your own choices in this matter”) became “sh*t” (as in “sh*t yourself” also a common phrase usually meaning someone has made a mistake).

    Thus it is a language error brought on by ignorance of water that is in some ways self-referential (as sh*tting oneself can mean that one has discovered that one has made an error).

    1. Absolutely fabulous Barry .. thank you so much. I had a giggle when this post appeared this morning .. but I’ve been splitting my sides since reading your explanation. Well done sir.

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