Dogs watch magic trick


First, my new book, Night School, is out in a couple of days and there is a nice article about how to get a better night’s sleep here.

Second, lots of people sent me this and I like it lots.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you dogs watching magic tricks…..



15 comments on “Dogs watch magic trick

  1. Jethro says:

    I’ve done this – hours of fun (for me, though possibly not for the poor confused pooch!)

  2. Barry Goddard says:

    Richard is normally very good at immediately disclosing how he did his trick or quirk. On his videos the reveal often immmediately follows the demonstration of the trick or quirk.

    That is one reason for why it remains puzzling that he does not reveal the Friday puzzle immediately and does not allow it to be revealed until the following Monday afterwards. This appears to look like a Double Standard that confuses some contributers to this blog.

    In the case of the dog magic the reveal is likely something very simple. The treat is attached to some Magicians Invisible Thread. The tread is attached perhaps by some elastic to an anchoring point up his sleeve. When he lets go of the treat (using his other hand for cover) the treat simply moves up into his sleeve.

    Dogs have excellent senses of smell. We can see several of the dogs actually looking up the magicians sleeve. They are puzzled as to why the treat is there not why it has vanished.

    Other tricks can they be designed for other animals? Would a cat be impressed if I sawed another cat in half? Could I confuse a goldfish by producing a rabbit from an hat?

    These are areas for further research.

  3. ctj says:

    what i found interesting was that it looked like every single dog relied on their vision to find the treat, not their smell. and the first place they looked was always the floor.

    optical illusions can be particularly fun with animals. i sometimes print out the “count the black dots” illusion, put it on the floor, and watch as my cats try to catch the “dots.”

    watching how animals react to magic and illusions gives us important insights into how our brains evolved. of course, i hope the “participants” in Ahonen’s “study” were properly “compensated” afterward.

  4. Dan says:

    What breed is Salli? Nice dog.

  5. jaajajajajaj en verdad se pasan ratos geniales con estas mascotas de casa, que lindas y gratas compañías son. Me encanta mi perro jugar con el es de lo mejor, siempre me acompaña.

  6. alisia says:

    Your dog is so cute 🙂

  7. Laura Ossa says:

    Genial que pesar de los perrito, y por cierto todos son hermosos. Los perros aclaro.

  8. Dave Moore says:

    I love that the rotty “Dumle” just decided to show affection instead my licking his face. I used to have 2 rotties and they are lovely companions.

  9. KacieCute says:

    omg! they are so cute!

  10. Try this with cats. They’d have left the room within 4 seconds.

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  12. What is the type of dog at 50 seconds in? I found a stray dog that look exactly like that dog (same color, same hair type, same size, same everything!) and I can’t figure out what she is. She looks exactly like a Golden Retriever but with the colors and markings of a Rottweiler.

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