Last week I posted this new In59seconds video, containing a little mind trick that can be put to many different uses.  Enjoy.


  1. Interesting idea, which I will remember.

    But also, I couldn’t help noticing that the whole video looked a little dirty–to the point of distraction. Freeze at 0:05, for example. The “:59” has a pretty ugly smudge, and the blue circle to the left isn’t much better. Is this deliberate? Is there something else going on here?

  2. An age-old sales technique illuminated through science. If I’m told “buy now, this offer will not be valid in the future”, I ask “Why, doesn’t your product hold-up to comparison?”. (Hint: usually not.)

  3. Maybe a word of caution is in order, if you use this technique with people you actually care about: They will really hate you after the second or third time you do it.

  4. It really works!
    In the seventies and before, people could smoke everywhere.
    In the eighties, we asked them to smoke in certain designated sections in restaurants and other places.
    In the nineties, the smoking sections became separate smoking rooms.
    In the naughties, the smokers was asked to smoke outside the building.
    In the teens, smoking outside the building was moved to a side street or behind the building…

  5. This is not persuasion. This is manipulation. Persuasion is a process of attaining assent through disclosure. This is a process of engineering compliance through deception. Polar opposite.

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