House with a pool


@ajpillar1 sent me this great use of perspective – the first two images show a house with a lovely pool. The third picture shows what’s really going on!pool


8 comments on “House with a pool

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well to be fair, it is a house with a pool!

  2. lindamp says:

    Estate agents take those kind of photos all the time!

  3. Lazy T says:

    Who needs photoshop?

  4. Elaine Baden says:

    I had a boyfriend once who took a similarly distorted photo – of himself…!

  5. Eddie says:

    At least there’s enough space to build a decent size pool.

  6. Neil Mcintyre says:

    A little misleading, don’t you think ?

  7. Carmelia says:

    I used to be afraid to dive into php, but gave it a shot after reading this. By no means actually like WordPress’ comment system. Many thanks for that tips to obtain me begun.

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