1. I agree. I could see the cross-eyed version, but only when I switched to full screen. I couldn’t see the normal version either in-window or full screen.

  1. I’m pretty sure that the problem I had with viewing this is because I’m too old (>70). It is well known that many illusions that depend on fast neural processing decrease in strength with age. So sad. With cross-fusion I was able to get very fuzzy glimpses of something going on. I suspect younger eyes and brains would do much better.

    1. I’m pushing 70 myself, and didn’t have too much trouble–using the cross-eyed version full screen. But there were some images I couldn’t make out. Most of it was one or two guitar players. I was also able to see “THE END” floating letters at, um, the end.

    2. My grandpa is 85 and he watches these kinda things, so all you need to do is go a little cross-eyed to see it.

  2. The writing at the start is too quick for me. And when I pause the video, the 3D is gone. But I do see the band playing. John logie Baird could have done this, 90 years ago.

  3. My issue is that I can’t keep focused (un-focused?) for the entire video. I lose it after about a minute, and the lack of stable images makes it harder for me to find the band again.

  4. Cool,didn`t know that you could do it with moving images,they are not as crisp as a still image but I could still make it all out.

  5. Starts with the text “BLACK IS GOOD” ends with “THE END”. Saw mostly the band members, playing gitars and the drums. A lot of activity. Saw a small boat once, and a small airplane, boxes, and some patterns etc. I was able to see it from start to end. This movie is long enough. Any longer would have given me a headache…

  6. I’ve never been able to see these magic eye posters.. I always tend to see something concave instead. But I was able to see the images in the video that Lys posted.. thanks for that. And John Cartwright’s comment made me laugh. 🙂

  7. I’m usually very good at these magic eye illusions. I have many books with the illusions, but for the life of me, I can’t see anything in these videos.

  8. I am not good at these, but I could see the second one better. In the first, I could tell there were letters and shapes, but little else. the second one, I actually read some of the words. Still, I lose the fix pretty quickly. didn’t get all the way through either one before it disintegrated.

  9. So cool!! Never seen video of this before. I wish it could be made in color. Real 3D games and video without glasses or a special screen, yeah!

  10. I posted a long reply explaining how to see these and giving a couple of examples of photos I took, but the reply never appeared (said it was waiting approval!)

    Here’s one of the pics, to be viewed using the cross-eyed method… what do you think?

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