Magic Eye Music Video


David B brought my attention to this music video.  It is based on the same idea as Magic Eye posters – personally I struggled to see it, but hopefully you will have more success!


33 comments on “Magic Eye Music Video

  1. The Pick Man says:

    I see shapes moving from right to left but my brain doesn’t identify what they are. Later there appears to be floating balls.

  2. Alex Hall says:

    This is brilliant! I’ve always loved Magic Eyes but never seen a video of one and it works so well!

  3. Eddie says:

    What do you see? I have never seen anything in these.

  4. Lys says:

    The “crossed-eye” version works better for me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    مؤثر جدا في الابعاد الثلاثية

  6. Stan says:

    I’m pretty sure that the problem I had with viewing this is because I’m too old (>70). It is well known that many illusions that depend on fast neural processing decrease in strength with age. So sad. With cross-fusion I was able to get very fuzzy glimpses of something going on. I suspect younger eyes and brains would do much better.

    • Ken Haley says:

      I’m pushing 70 myself, and didn’t have too much trouble–using the cross-eyed version full screen. But there were some images I couldn’t make out. Most of it was one or two guitar players. I was also able to see “THE END” floating letters at, um, the end.

    • Anonymous says:

      My grandpa is 85 and he watches these kinda things, so all you need to do is go a little cross-eyed to see it.

  7. Lazy T says:

    Amusing to see the musicians but I didn’t understand the teapot reference.

  8. fotoflex2013 says:

    The writing at the start is too quick for me. And when I pause the video, the 3D is gone. But I do see the band playing. John logie Baird could have done this, 90 years ago.

  9. cghera says:

    I managed to see it on the second try, when I enabled HD1080 video and focused on the white dots from the start.

  10. James says:

    My issue is that I can’t keep focused (un-focused?) for the entire video. I lose it after about a minute, and the lack of stable images makes it harder for me to find the band again.

  11. Jo Kitchen says:

    Cool,didn`t know that you could do it with moving images,they are not as crisp as a still image but I could still make it all out.

  12. Geodetective says:

    Starts with the text “BLACK IS GOOD” ends with “THE END”. Saw mostly the band members, playing gitars and the drums. A lot of activity. Saw a small boat once, and a small airplane, boxes, and some patterns etc. I was able to see it from start to end. This movie is long enough. Any longer would have given me a headache…

  13. Evan says:

    Unbelievable! As a child, I grew up with magic eye posters. This is the first magic eye VIDEO I’ve ever seen!

  14. terirobus says:

    T’was hard to see, I did make it work a bit…so don’t feel too bad Richard.

  15. The only thing I saw was the gorilla walking across at the back.

  16. thesmittenimage says:

    I’ve never been able to see these magic eye posters.. I always tend to see something concave instead. But I was able to see the images in the video that Lys posted.. thanks for that. And John Cartwright’s comment made me laugh. 🙂

  17. Niva says:

    I’m usually very good at these magic eye illusions. I have many books with the illusions, but for the life of me, I can’t see anything in these videos.

  18. ChrisR says:

    wow! Came and went as i lost concentration but really impressed with this

  19. Barry Goddard says:

    I see shaddowy outline figure that may be the Madonna. Truely a religious experience for my third eye

  20. Ronda says:

    I am not good at these, but I could see the second one better. In the first, I could tell there were letters and shapes, but little else. the second one, I actually read some of the words. Still, I lose the fix pretty quickly. didn’t get all the way through either one before it disintegrated.

  21. jopie64 says:

    So cool!! Never seen video of this before. I wish it could be made in color. Real 3D games and video without glasses or a special screen, yeah!

  22. Jazz says:

    Young Rival has another illusion-y music video featuring James Kuhn’s art

  23. Chris says:

    I posted a long reply explaining how to see these and giving a couple of examples of photos I took, but the reply never appeared (said it was waiting approval!)

    Here’s one of the pics, to be viewed using the cross-eyed method… what do you think?

  24. thegrapeanator says:


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